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How to burn 100 calories in 10 minutes: TOP 5 simple ways

Как сжечь 100 калорий за 10 минут: ТОП-5 простых способовIf you want to be slim and beautiful, do not throw training. To efficiently burn calories, it will be enough only 10 minutes of training a day. So, take note of what exercises will help burn extra calories.

Method 1

Jumping rope is a great way to burn calories. Take the rope, set a timer and jump for 10 minutes. This exercise will help you burn 98 calories.

Method 2

Jogging also helps to burn calories. If you run the distance of a kilometer in 10 minutes, you can burn 98 calories.

Method 3

Cycling or training on a stationary bike. If you will ride or work at the pace of 22-25 mph, you can burn 104 calories in 10 minutes.

Method 4

Workout on the elliptical trainer. The lesson on this simulator burn in 10 minutes 112 calories.

Method 5

Activity intense aerobic exercise. 10 minutes of vigorous exercise that includes cardio and weight training will help to burn 104 calories.

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