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How to bring skin in order after the holidays: simple tips

Как привести кожу в порядок после праздников: простые советыAfter the Christmas holidays is the time to take care of their skin and put it in order.

First of all, you should start with diet. So stop eating all the things that we so carefully prepared for the Christmas table, and add to your diet as many fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

This way you not only help your skin, but also lose a couple of pounds.

Well, now you can go to such procedures:

Facial massage

Acupressure will refresh the skin, making it elastic and silky. With the fingertips, gentle circular motions massage your face along the massage lines, from the outer ends of the eyebrows move to the center, then from the outer corners of the eyes to the nose, from the corners of the lips to the ears.

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Note: before the procedure on the face you should apply a rich cream or oil, not to stretch the skin during movements.

Contrast baths for the face

Pour into two bowls of hot and cold water (can also use broth, chilled and a warm, herbal – chamomile, calendula, series). Wash turns from each of the bowls. The procedure should last no longer than 3 minutes, and complete it is washing with cold water.

Warm and cold compresses

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Can also make compresses, alternating cold and warm. You will need two small towels. First, soak one in warm water, and apply to face. Hold until, until cool. Then attach a face towel soaked in cold water. And hold no more than 2 minutes.


At the end of the procedure can wipe the face with ice (previously prepared from the decoction of herbs). Note: in order not to get hypothermia, you need to touch the ice face quick and smooth movements. If you have a thin skin and close the capillaries, from the ice should be abandoned.

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