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How to boost your energy in the morning

Как зарядиться энергией утромEven after a refreshing morning shower and Breakfast people may soon feel overwhelmed and sleepy.

A group of international experts made in the press with the recommendation that in order to avoid fatigue in the daytime you need to choose the right food for Breakfast.

“The presence in the morning or afternoon menu of a number of the wrong products leads to the fact that we constantly feel tired and sleepy”, – the experts published in

What food doctors believe inappropriate for a first night meal?

First of all, according to experts, it is fast carbs. If Breakfast consists of a Cup of coffee with a sweet pastry or croissant, it will not give the necessary for a productive day of energy.

On the contrary, after a meal containing fast carbs (sugar, white flour) will happen first, a quick rise in blood sugar and then a rapid decline. In such circumstances, the person will feel fatigue and sleepiness.

Expert advice: eliminate entirely white bread and sweet pastries from the morning ration. As for the coffee, then, according to the doctors, drunk a Cup can really jazz it up. However, immediately consumed in a large amount of coffee (and a drink to Wake up) will cause the desire to sleep will be felt even stronger.

In addition, experts advise not to consume for Breakfast, the chicken (also a rabbit, a Turkey), almonds, bananas and milk. These foods are rich in amino acids that stimulate the synthesis of melatonin, the hormone that “conducts” the desire to bed, said the doctors.

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