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How to behave in the ice: basic rules

Как вести себя в гололед: основные правилаHow to walk to not fall

First of all, ice can’t be rushed and distracted by listening to music, bright Windows or texting, and to reduce the risk of falling need to step on the ground the entire foot and walk on slightly bent legs.

On the ice need to go “hard” step on slightly bent legs. If the shoes have back legs like a little “stab” the ice, as the walk is the least traumatic and safe for pedestrians.

“Confidently put a foot in front of the other leg, as if driving it in the ice, stepping and leaning on the whole foot,” recommends a surgeon Valentine Brown. – In any case do not keep hands in pockets, as you reduce your own maneuverability while walking and may not have time to react in case of a fall”.

If you feel that the fatal fall can not be avoided, then at least in your power to do a “pirouette” is less traumatic.

Rescuers, in turn, suggest: if you feel that you fall, immediately sit down to reduce the height and touching the ground, roll over it’s necessary to reduce the load.

Walking down the street, don’t wear headphones, talk on the phone – it is important to keep the maximum concentration to be able to catch the moment in which you can fall. Once you realize that you’re losing balance, try to reduce the maximum degree of potential injury. Immediately bend his knees, press his chin to his chest. Try to fall sideways to reduce the pain and roll over it’s necessary for the back.

“During the ice come out of the house in advance, as you would not be late, do not run! Better to be late for 15 minutes and listen to the displeasure of the boss, than to miss a month of work and stay home with the cast,” says the doctor.

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