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How to behave behind the wheel in the winter fog

Как нужно вести себя за рулем в зимнем туманеRules of safe driving in fog.

Winter fog is different from the summer for its huge length. With many kilometers of coverage he may many times change his density. In the worst variant from the cabin you can barely see your hood. Naturally, to continue the movement in this case is impossible.Also no excessive misting, which are heated from the interior. How to behave behind the wheel, if the car is submerged in milk?


At any time of the day must adhere to the correct positioning of the vehicle on the road. In case of strong fog or at night this helps road markings or restrictive pillars. According to the rules, these columns should be illuminated in red, directing the driver of the border road, but their availability is not on all pistes. If they are covered with snow or absent, you will have to navigate around the edge of the pavement or the track, which remains from other vehicles.

Line marking and Navigator – good landmarks in the fog. At night a good helping of retro-reflective signs. To better see, for a short time to turn on the high beam. It should be remembered that at some intersections missing centerline. At this point, you can easily lose the road. Therefore it is better to reduce speed and wait until the axial line is again visible. If during this time the car was rebuilt, it should return to its markup.

Great helper when riding in the fog is a satellite Navigator. On his screen clearly enough displayed a picture, and you can understand in which direction to proceed. Very useful this thing will be on large intersections and crossings.


At any time of the day when fog is needed to turn the dim light, but in any case, not far. Otherwise, the way generally will not be seen. When the horizontal light in front of the car a white wall, through which it is impossible to see anything. For this reason, the light must be included to the near position. It should be remembered that in this case, the lower are the spotlight the better. The asphalt, as a rule, the concentration of fog is minimal, so the light will be better.

At night the fog lamps and daytime driving lights should provide safe visibility. Naturally, the speed should be small. In the daytime the headlights it is necessary that other drivers can see your car.

Yellow fog lights and all weather on the main light because of its spectrum of radiation that is able to improve visibility. In the daytime in order to avoid accidents, it is better to identify himself on the road. It is advisable to use rear fog lights. Almost all modern cars are equipped with them.

It must be remembered that in good visibility these lights can blind oncoming motorists. For this reason, in many countries it is forbidden to use the fog lamps without good reason. If the car is new, you are kindly requested to study the office lighting to avoid incidents on the road.


Fog is a kind of precipitation, which degrades the visibility of the road through the windshield. Therefore, we should not forget about the wipers. During the long drive glasses begin to fog up and need cleaning, both in the cabin and on the reverse side. It should be noted that this effect occurs earlier cars that do not have a cabin air filter. To get rid of this phenomenon it is possible by turning on the stove or air conditioner. The main thing – to direct the airflow to the windshield, then it will not fog up.

In order to improve visibility in the fog, from time to time, you can flash high beams or use the emergency alarm. If necessary stop, it is desirable to do it as far away from roadsides. It is best to be fully off the road. During the movement need to focus not only on the counter flow, but also on his own, as the front may slow to drive another car.


In foggy weather, special attention should be paid to high-speed mode. The vehicle speed must be such that at emergence of obstacles, the vehicle was able to stop without colliding with it. It should be remembered that on our roads very often you can find old cars that have the Parking light is almost not visible. For this reason, the safest speed in foggy weather is considered to be 30-50 km/h. do Not rely on the skill and knowledge of the road, as in foggy weather it is impossible to see everything that is happening around. Moving with such speed is possible in almost any visibility will stop.

The speed in this weather must be at least twice below the usual. Visible 40 meters may not be enough to stop the car, especially in winter. During long journeys you need to constantly monitor the speed limit.

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