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How to achieve the effect of unforgettable smiles (VIDEO)

Fans of body horror, as well as connoisseurs of the “torture” movie – you just have to spend a couple of minutes of your precious time and check out the short film “White Willow”, which was removed Svantek Ryan (Ryan Swantek). The short film appeared online about a month ago and did not become a significant phenomenon on YouTube, although the video is worthy of attention.

Actually for that I appreciate really good short film, so it is a fact that their creators sometimes in a condensed form, in a matter of minutes manage to raise fairly serious issues. These videos happen every single detail is important. And “White Willow” is quite a suitable example of this sort of movie. All it represents is one scene of self-torture, bloody and a bit shocking. However, from the details, such as the words “sin” (“sin”) on the photo of glossy magazines, we can conclude that the heroine is obsessed with beauty and very religious. Her hands hewed from old and fresh scars that also reveals to the audience the painful psyche of the character.

Anyway, all of this lyrics. And in fact we have a two minute video of how a girl transforms himself into female alter-ego of the Joker.

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