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How the veterans live in America?

Как живут ветераны в Америке?

Veterans of the United States is revered by people not only in words. While in our countries do not all support the people who risked their lives in military action – in America the situation is much better. What are the conditions the length of life provided by the government for ex-soldiers?


Как живут ветераны в Америке?

Participant of the Second World war, during the National holiday, Veteran’s Day.

State support

The Ministry of veterans Affairs is a huge institution, the second largest among the state apparatus of America. These people are engaged in the provision of preferential conditions for loans, tuition fees in any University, registration of pensions, allowances, medical care and insurance for former military.

Usually under the “veteran” falls man who held in places of military confict at least 1 day, but gradually accepted each former soldier.


Как живут ветераны в Америке?

Today, almost every American considers the Vietnam war is absolutely unnecessary, and reproaches the government for meaningless suffered by the victim, the people of the United States.

Today in the US, about 20 million veterans, of which 1.6 million are participants of the Second World war, 7.5 million who fought in Vietnam, others in other military conflicts at different times. The country’s budget annually allocates about $ 20 billion on the maintenance of these people, and the average pension of the veterans of approx. 4000$!

More than 9 million former employees consistently receive free medical care in one of the institutions of the health system of the Ministry of Veterans.

Support companies

Volunteers and various organizations of America are constantly trying to contribute for the benefit of war veterans. They take interviews, make movies, collect donations and carry out actions of support for veterans.


Как живут ветераны в Америке?

A Veteran’s day is November 11 and is one of the main national holidays during which make a lot of parades.

The female half of the country sends a variety of products, letters of gratitude and Souvenirs nice American guys who are now in places of armed conflict under orders of the government.

Of course, the issues of veterans are not without problems. People who have seen death often return home with post traumatic syndrome and such more than 50%. Many will not be off the pill, alcohol or drugs. Not everyone is able to help and to bring the psyche of the people back to normal, but the ubiquitous “society of veterans” and other clubs where they can come and share their challenges are to help at least few people.


Как живут ветераны в Америке?

Well maintained Arlington cemetery where buried more than 320 thousand dead in wars.

Now the question is: is it possible finally to do something similar for participants of military actions in Russia?

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