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How the bloody regime of robbing the Russian economy.

Как кровавый режим грабит российскую экономику.

There is such a funny channel “Right economy”, which regularly tells his audience about how the regime is ruining the Russian economy. 20 years fall into the abyss. And now another vivid example.

Как кровавый режим грабит российскую экономику.

What’s the point. NOVATEK need tankers to transport LNG from Arctic fields. Specifically for “Arctic LNG 2”. He used to order them from world leaders – Koreans. But we have Sechin, who builds in Primorye shipyard “Star”, specializing in large-tonnage shipbuilding. It is a colossal project, of which the Russian and even the Russian Federation was not. To carry out this project, you need to load the enterprise orders. Therefore, Sechin with his friend Putin puts the orders of our hydrocarbon giants (NOVATEK, Gazprom, Gazpromneft) the “Star”.

Mikhelson do not really want. Probably, they have there with Sechin their floats, plus he stupidly easier to work with the Koreans that are really cool, doing everything on time, cheaper, etc. But the state’s task is to develop its own shipbuilding. Therefore, the “Star” needs to get the orders. And to compensate for the difference in price (currently the Koreans are building, in my opinion, 1.5 times cheaper), this to compensate for the difference. From the state budget, Yes. And where else? You want your shipyard to have? For their creation and development have to pay.

That’s right – with an enormous state – developed Korean shipbuilding, without which it would never have reached their highest level. What is wrong here? What is criminal? Yes dick knows. Just when you have a task to tell about Putin’s criminal regime, most importantly to throw on the fan. And reading you herd gratefully devour.

Or here is another recent example. Sechin has asked the state’s tax breaks for Rosneft (Vankorskoe field) and friendly Neftegaskadry (Piasco field). It’s near the Taimyr Peninsula. The plan is to throw 600 km of pipe to Dixon, to build a terminal and to carry oil along the Northern sea route (the development of which is also a strategic Russian objective). In order to implement such a project, we need incentives. Without government intervention to develop the Arctic impossible. Yes, in principle, that there is nothing wrong. What are the tax benefits in this case? This is when a business creates from scratch a difficult project, develops it, and the state at first his touches. No benefits, no development of the Arctic. Do not where then, and to collect taxes.

But if you read our media and experts, the titles are impressive: Sechin AGAIN ASKED for BENEFITS, how long??? Like he’s out of the budget takes the cash and puts it in his own pocket.

In short. Pay no attention to the hysterical cretins.

Как кровавый режим грабит российскую экономику.

But the Russian truck Progress MS-12Как кровавый режим грабит российскую экономику.

Yesterday made to vanish into space and so he flies to the ISS, which is carrying the fuel, water, space blasters.

It took him just two turns around the Earth and 3 h 19 min This is a new record. Previous:

Progress MS-09 – 3 h 40 min
Progress MS-11 – 3 h 21 min

Faster than from Moscow to St. Petersburg by “Sapsan”. But the sucker still Rogozin, and the genius of Elon Musk. Look, do not confuse. And Rasseyushke soon kerdyk.


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