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How tempered the trash. KGB, Izmailovo gang and Putinism

Как закалялась шваль. КГБ, измайловская братва и путинизм

March 26, 2000, 20 years ago, the Russian President was first elected Vladimir Putin. If the amendments to the Constitution will be accepted, Putin will be able to stay in office until 2036. In the biography of the President are still white spots and dark corners in which it is dangerous to look. The Creator of the website “Putinism” Artem Kruglov conducts intensive research of the past “national leader.” From 2019 on YouTube, comes the acclaimed documentary series “Putinism as it is” – film screening investigations, published on its website. Artem Kruglov told Radio Liberty about his findings.


– What is your archaeological dig? There remains a lot of Putin in the past pages, which are still unexplored and deserve attention?

When I started in 2015, the project of “Putinism, as it is” to study the real biography of Putin, had no idea what depth in the end there will be. On the grounds that it will be possible to make a documentary series that gets 20 million views. And there still to dig and dig, is full of white spots.



You very rightly said about the “archaeological site”. One layer is removed, is documented. Then the next. On the surface we have is the official biography of Putin: section of Sambo, judo, LSU law school, KGB intelligence, mayor Sobchak. Then he in Moscow official of administration of Yeltsin, the FSB Director.

As you dig deeper, you open up the layers of the second, and sometimes third order. Here is an example. Remember, there were explosions of houses in Moscow and other cities in September 1999?

– Of course, that was before the second Chechen war.

The explosions caught the horror on the population, helped to justify the war in Chechnya, and this war drove the election campaign of Putin. It now it has all media – pocket, the infamous Duma of the Soviet type, a nationwide system of fraud. And then had to fight for the voter. War hysteria, explosions, the “war on terror” – all very went into action.

And then they pierced in Ryazan. For laying explosives in the house caught the FSB. I did on the subject article “Ryazan sugar” in 2016. Gathered everything that was in the public domain, summarized as best I could. Conclusion: “the exercises of the FSB” with a tab of sugar, as we were assured Patrushev then it’s really not similar.


How, in fact, the contents of those bags in Ryazan was not like sugar. Eyewitnesses say: a yellowish mixture of some granules resembling “noodles.” It looks like flaked TNT (TNT in granular form). But the detector showed that there was RDX.

It’s called the “Moscow mix”: TNT plus RDX. This mixture was undermined at home on Kashirke and Guryanov. And with it they slept in Ryazan.

So, there is a fact about which wrote Litvinenko: Putin came to power in the “Ryazan sugar” and services of the FSB of its delivery to the destination. But this is only the first layer.

Let us ask further: and what division of the FSB could commit these mass killings? On 21 March 2000, before the elections Putin was in Moscow a press-conference of veterans of “alpha” and “Vympel”. Topic “exercises” in Ryazan.

Как закалялась шваль. КГБ, измайловская братва и путинизм

The veteran of “alpha” Lieutenant-General Dmitry Alekseevich Nalivkin (left) and major General, former commander of “alpha” Gennady Zaitsev (right)

The generals of the special forces, including Zaitsev, the former commander of “alpha”, told reporters that in Ryazan was an exercise of a special group of FSB tssn (Center of special purpose). Even demonstrated live by one of the members of this group who was presented as “employee of SPC”.

It was a lot of confusion in the testimony of the generals, the press conference made a shocking impression. But it’s not about that. The Ryazan “exercise” conducted SPC. That is logical. It’s still a major sabotage, undermining high-rise buildings with sleeping inhabitants. Here we need professionals.

So, SPC. He created Putin in 1999, when he was still Director of the FSB. In the SPC joined the special forces “alpha” (counter-terrorism), special forces “pennant” (special commandos) and some top-secret unit, which was first called the special operations service, and now has grown into an operation – USO (the Directorate of special operations). This control is also referred to as the “Group “With” or “Manage “With”.

You recently the Radio Liberty was reporting as two pairs of snipers from this “Group “C” went to Syria “to gain combat experience”, where he died.

– What kind of unit “C”, what are its functions?

– This is the most interesting part of the tssn FSB. In short, it’s the killers and “implementers”. The last is the FSB officers attached to the criminal groups.

Very close relations have historically SPC with the Izmailovskaya group. SPC – their roof. In 20 years, Putin problem was all: the solntsevsky, Tagansky and and Caucasian organized crime groups. But not the guys from Izmailov. Taiwanchik, Pavlik, kingpin Aksen feel great. The oligarchs, emerged from the Izmailovskaya group, all who in the 90s started managers from the Izmailovo bandits captured along with them, entire industries – also thrive.

– How did such close ties between the FSB and the Izmailovo criminal group?

– These relations for 30 years. A lot comes from the first leader of the Izmailovo – Anton Malevsky. A legendary figure in the criminal underworld. Coming from a family of scientists, his father – a prominent seismologist Victor Steinberg of the Academy of Sciences. Malevsky – prototype bandit “Space” from the TV series “Brigada”, which was the son of a scientist-astrophysics Kolmogorov on the film.

Malevsky fought in Afghanistan. After retiring in crime, willingly went on contact with security officers, entered business with them, all these thieves conventions, he was absent. What was required in the 90s.

In addition, Malevsky was a racist towards Caucasians. Izmailovo is one of the most uncompromising in this regard groups. What is also very appreciated in the FSB. Especially when in Moscow in the mid-90s there was a secret campaign by shooting of a Chechen criminal group.

By the way, the current leader of the Izmailovo Aksana – long war with Shakro Young, which he has never recognized the leader of the criminal world of Russia. Shakro was released from the Spanish prison in 2014, and returned to Russia. But freedom has been very long. Soon he collapsed FSB downright with all his might, wrapping together with friendly cops all the time.

And finally, one more point in the history of Izmailovo. In 1993, Yeltsin disbanded the group “Vympel” when they refused to storm the Supreme Council. From 600 well-trained saboteurs and the liquidators were on the street.

Как закалялась шваль. КГБ, измайловская братва и путинизм

Anton Malevsky

Malevsky sheltered part of the unemployed. It was formed several gang of Firms, which became a joint business of Izmailovskaya organized criminal group and the FSB. Performed orders of those and others. About these Firms (“the Stealth” etc.) wrote Litvinenko.

Such “combat units of the mafia” Ismail quickly got their hands on almost the entire non-ferrous metallurgy of Russia, seized dozens of plants in other industries, the mines of Kuzbass, steel plants throughout the country.

In the summer of 1998, Putin became Director of FSB. All the roofs he happily inherited from his predecessors. Plus after two months in office, Putin restored the “Vympel” in the FSB. The famous group of saboteurs left the station “Izmailovo” and again arrive at home port.

The bottom line: Izmailovo and still is the most powerful crime syndicate in Russia. It works in conjunction with SPC – a division which did Putin’s dirty work at the dawn of his power. They have 20 years to get dividends. And 200 people with Kashirki and’yanova are in the graves. They sacrificed in order to seize power.

We must face the truth: Russia is ruled by a criminal KGB regime of the darkest kind. They are all smeared with blood, theft and crime. All tied by a common past. How’s that folk humor of the late Putin: “Seized power tale from the 90’s scares all the return of the 90s”.


– Many years of debate, where and how Vladimir Putin has developed as a person. Who was his mentor?


– Should take another look at the man who gave Putin a start in life. It was his wrestling coach in his youth – Leonid Usvyatsov. He is a criminal authority Lenya-Athlete. In fact for Putin and Rotenberg, he was like a second father.

I began to study his biography, the memories of witnesses – first came the image of such Benya Krik stories of Babel. Dashing bandit, all of the Ponte, thug-funny. Putin on a press-conferences.

On the other hand, Usvyatsov’s the Jew who robbed other Jews who left for Israel. It was his gang specialization. People were passing the circles of hell to get permission to travel, and to top it all they robbed at last, and its the same.

Simultaneously, in a parallel life, raider Lenya touching care for its young pupils: Rothenberg gave to the Institute of physical culture to them. Lesgaft, Putin – at LSU through his friend, the head of smartcapital Mikhail Bobrov.

Putin in his autobiography “first person” (2000), too, remembers Oswiatowe with great reverence: “Leonid Ionovich, we were told,” “I to Leonid Y. has come”, “we with Leonid Y. go”.

Lenya killed somewhere in the basement in the rumble in 1994, I even was sorry for him. He would have graced Putin’s PANOPTICON today: would the Minister of sport Mutko no worse or procurement sawed Rothenberg. You could put it into the UN representative is Safrankova (“look me In the eyes, bitch!”).

So I thought, until he came to the later memoirs of Nikolay vashchilin’s (comrade Putin sections), where he writes, that this same Leon, who knew him well, received its first 10 year in 1957…

– For rape?

– Girl friend was pregnant with his child. It was an accident. Came here for advice – abortion, not abortion. Came, and Leon friend and raped her for two. Writes Vashchilin, “added her pregnancy,”… Animals. There is not Babel, and Varlam Shalamov to mind: “Criminals – not people.”

Here was he, the mentor of young Putin and Rotenberg, dear “Leonid Ionovich”…

– But still decisive influence on the personality of the Russian President had not the coach is a repeat offender, and long-term service in the KGB, don’t you think?

– Of course. His career in the KGB for 15 years, covered with darkness (1975-1990). When he came to power in 2000, in his autobiography, “first person,” he said at first he worked in a “counterintelligence subdivision” in Leningrad, was “a specialist in dealing with people”. At the same time vaguely stated that he had participated in actions against dissidents, the suppression of rallies in the city. But they supposedly did everything correctly, that the “ears sticking out”.

What is this “intelligence” available to disperse the dissidents? It was the 5th Directorate of the KGB (“the Struggle against ideological diversions”). And not this does counterintelligence and political investigation, secret police. Later, his former colleague at Dresden Vladimir Usoltsev-Hartanov (they are in the same office sat), confirmed this in his memoirs 2003: “Volodya worked in Leningrad at the line 5-nd”.

In General, Vladimir started his career in one of the most infamous units of the KGB Fifth Directorate. The heirs of the fifth pit are the Center “e” and the FSB units that fabricate cases of the “New grandeur” and other “counter-revolutionary rebel organizations.”

Как закалялась шваль. КГБ, измайловская братва и путинизм

Vladimir Putin and Alexander Grigoriev

Besides, I’d paid attention to the closest friends of Putin in the Leningrad KGB – people with whom he is closest converged in the period prior to departure to Dresden. It’s three people: Viktor Cherkesov, Alexander Grigoriev and Sergey Ivanov. The first two – are very revealing.

Circassians – investigator in cases of dissidents. Put behind bars in 1983 the Leningrad philologist Mikhail Meylaha for the dissemination and translation of books published abroad (Daniil Kharms and Vvedensky). Seven years in the camps.

One of the witnesses, the doctor Andrei Vasilyev, who the Circassians are expected in court he refused to testify. In the end, the witness was also arrested on the street, for having allegedly tore the Soviet flag. Four years in the camps. It all worked to Putin’s friend Circassians, sitting in the Big house on the Foundry.

Not less a vivid example – Alexander Grigoriev, is also a close friend, the witness Putin in the wedding. So close that they even vacation vacation went together with families in the early 1980s. This Grigorev became famous in 1985 was introduced to the local diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church disguised as a priest, “father Alexander” (with the consent of the ROC, of course). He’s so into the role that almost preaching could read.

In addition, as in the introduction, the “father of Alexander” is extremely close to Metropolitan of Leningrad and Novgorod Alexy, the future Patriarch Alexy II. Also known from the archives of the KGB as “agent Drozdov”.

And then comes the 90s. the Investigator Circassians will become head of the FSB gang in St. Petersburg, and his Deputy will be “father Alexander,” Grigoriev. That will make the Vice-mayor Putin absolutely indispensable fixer when Sobchak on any criminal and commercial matters. How tempered the trash, that says it all.


 – You mentioned Sergei Ivanov among the friends of Putin in the Leningrad KGB. He was Minister of defense of Russia. He is also mentioned in the controversial “dossier Christopher Steele” as the author of the action to Russia’s intervention in the US elections in 2016. Ivanov is also a former Fifth Directorate of the KGB?

– No. Sergei Ivanov, although his biography is also known sporadically from the beginning worked for foreign intelligence.

– But while living in Leningrad?

– Yes, he was in the so-called 1st division of the local KGB (“the exploration area”). Then I worked abroad in embassies, then – in the Central apparatus in Moscow.

According to his official biography, Putin, too, was transferred to this 1st division in 1979. And worked there until 1984. That’s how they met.

– What “intelligence from the territory”? Official Russian propaganda passes this period of Putin in the KGB. Talking more about Dresden, Dresden residency.

In Dresden he was from 1985 to 1989 inclusive. About it really a lot written and filmed. But five years in the 1st division of the Leningrad KGB, from 1979 to 1984-j – solid white spot.

In General, KGB foreign intelligence, which was called the PGU (First chief Directorate), worked both abroad and within the USSR, in fact. At CCGT, like Glaucus, was control of illegal intelligence, scientific-technical and other. Including had such control “RT” – intelligence from the territory.

Management “RT included in a network “the first departments” (or first service) as part of the regional departments of the KGB, usually in large cities. Do not confuse it with “the first departments” the enterprises, who were responsible for the regime and the secrecy. “The first departments” regional KGB is quite another.

– What did the management of “RT”, where Vladimir Putin served for five years?

The recruitment of foreigners visiting the USSR. The recruitment of Soviet citizens who communicate with foreigners or traveled abroad and were able to supply intelligence information. “Prophylaxis of persons guilty of treason”, the search for unauthorized contacts with foreigners.

Как закалялась шваль. КГБ, измайловская братва и путинизм

Vladimir Putin and Viktor Cherkesov

In the management of RT had a separate unit for operational work: your Opera (like Putin); factory agents – each with its personal and a “business case” (archive denunciations); freelance agents, they – “trusted person” (never recorded, but just informing); “the group leader” (in the language of the KGB – heads of groups of agents), all as expected.

Putin was the Opera of the 1st division in Leningrad under the legendary officer of the criminal investigation. Even his wife for a long time did not know who he really is, thought that ment. Putin himself spoke about this in his autobiography in 2000.

– Why is the officer of the criminal investigation?

Is a common they have the document cover. But there is, however, an important caveat: the development of a foreigners were often using criminal and anti-social elements: prostitutes of both sexes, speculators, money changers (illegal currency traders and imported goods in the USSR). Involved dealers of icons, Antiques, smugglers, all who could help to “catch” a foreigner on something or give him information.

The work of the Opera in this Department – a good chance to get acquainted with the characters of the Soviet shadow economy and related criminal circles.

Как закалялась шваль. КГБ, измайловская братва и путинизм

Ilya Traber

This period 1979-84 years, working in 1st division – absolute mystery in the biography of Putin. Failure. We only know the result: somehow, in 1990, when Putin returned from Dresden, he becomes friends Ilya Traber (Antiquary) – a criminal authority, the old St. Petersburg black marketeer and smuggler.

Then somehow, in the closest friends he is Konstantin Goloshchapov – illegal dealer icons in 1970-80-ies and the informant for the KGB. This is the coast in the new Gorbachev era finds himself in the ranks of the Tambovskaya criminal group of gangster Petersburg.

Whence arises such a figure as Nikolai Shamalov – the man without a biography, about which the journalists for 20 years, only found out that he was a KGB agent and “dentist with knowledge of the German language”. Who treated teeth where knocked this dentist is unknown. However, in 1992, Putin Shamalov unfold corruption scheme with the company “PETROMED” to cut the medical budget Petersburg. And after 2000 – and medical budget of all Russia.

– Shamalov is a relative of Putin?

– Matchmaker. His son Kirill Shamalov was the husband of the younger daughter of Putin in 2013, has not yet left her for a socialite. Also Shamalov member of the cooperative “Lake”. Shamalov is a major figure in Putin’s entourage. He oversaw the construction of Putin’s Palace in Gelendzhik for $ 1 billion. He represented the interests of Putin in joint projects with Traber – purchase Vyborg shipyard, where Putin and Traber jointly invested in 2007.

Well, the trail of this story: where Shamalov and Putin is familiar, where Putin and Traber familiar, who is all Shamalov in the period prior to 1991 is another mystery that remains to be seen folding puzzle “Biography of the dictator.”

Как закалялась шваль. КГБ, измайловская братва и путинизм

Nikolai Shamalov

– You mentioned Dresden. There’s “puzzle” has developed?

– Well, how to say it. In 2017 in a television interview Brilev Putin unexpectedly told that at PSU, saying, “all my work was connected with illegal intelligence.” Illegal agents of the KGB – the so-called management “With” (sudoplatova). A very interesting unit.

For example, there was the 8th division of the Department of “direct action”. It meant terror and murder on foreign territory. Part of the 8th division was part of the special forces “Vympel”. It was only later, in the 1990s, when exploration outlined in a separate service, the SVR, detachment “Vympel” became part of the FSB.

So, if you dig a little – find out what this 8-section “direct action” Putin worked in Dresden. In 2011, when Putin was preparing for his third term, Europe is out of jail after a long prison term, the former international terrorist, friend and Treasurer Carlos the Jackal – man Dietmar Clodo. In the 1980s he was in the RAF (“red Army Faction” in West Germany). There was such a leftist terrorist organization. Sponsored by the KGB and the Stasi from East Germany.

The terrorists of the RAF travelled regularly in the GDR under different names, were trained got jobs and logistical support. Traveled in East Germany and Dietmar Clodo. Met with their liaisons from the KGB.

In 2013 Clodo called the name of his contact man in East Germany for the KGB. This is Vladimir Putin, who in such contacts introduced himself as Vladimir Platov – nickname, which he received in 1984 while training to intelligence PGU (red banner Institute. Andropov).

Putin coordinated action Klodo and his companions, passed on instructions, did an accomplice of international terrorists.

Is it any wonder that his reign began in Russia in 1999 with the apartment bombings?

– There was another film of the series “Putinism as it is” called “johnny”. A biography of Putin on the grounds of the two volumes of Oleg Blockage, released 18 years ago. It would seem that this biography, prepared with the blessing of Putin, who personally communicated with the author. Is there anything interesting there to learn?

– Do customer of the book was the Kremlin. Then they had to quickly withdraw all copies from everywhere, and remove from the Internet. Blacki really worked fee: interviewed Putin, interviewed a wife, friends, and acquaintances. Just some of them got carried away and told the truth. Including the wife.

And if it all comes together that blocky gathered, it appeared that Putin – a man with lots of complexes. He is ashamed of his origin, he hates women (he’s naturally abused wife in life). He grew up in anti-social and inhuman environment, the gangster in the courtyard of the Nekrasovsky market, which was one of the crime areas in the city. In the yard mocked Putin, and beat him.

In General, as told Gorky: “Lead abominations of Russian wild life”. But not only somewhere in the village artisans in Nizhny Novgorod, and in the postwar Soviet Leningrad.

Hence Putin, apparently there was an internal brutality from such a childhood. Compounded by the years in the KGB. This, of course, it does not justify.

Why do you now chose the format of a documentary video project, what films have you done, and what plans do you have?

– Made 11 films in collaboration with YouTube channel “Sharp corner”. They cover various themes and gangster Petersburg, and the merging of the mafia and the Russian security services since 1990-ies. There was also a film – comparative biography of Putin and the dictator Mobutu from Zaire. It turns out that Putin’s regime – it is a African kleptocracy, though in the North the soil.

Well, the format of the video project allows us to achieve greater reach. Still, the movie looks more people.

Looking at Putin today, you see the man who 30 years ago had the portfolio for Sobchak, or is it unrecognizable?

– Externally, Yes. He has changed beyond recognition. All those shots, you know, the neurotoxins. The entire Internet is full of rumors about the twins. He did not know.

And internally… Portfolio he had been carrying, but the real work at city hall have done it. And what! Scam “Raw materials in exchange for food”, “PETROMED”, it’s the 20th of the trust, the privatization of the port and city stations together with the bandits. Once in the Kremlin, he just opened up, so to speak, came out into the open.

– Many seemed a strange decision for Putin to remain in power permanently by changing the Constitution. It was so much leakage from the AP that he plans nazarevskiy option, will head the state Council of the Russian-Belarusian Union, or come up with some convoluted version. You assumed that everything would be so straightforward?

Yes. Because he’s generally a pretty simple guy, raised in the relevant concepts. Well, here is the Izmailovskaya group kingpin Aksen. He’s a leader. What is there to twist and split hairs. He has 20 years of main as the previous leader Anton Malevsky was killed on a parachute. Aksen he extends his powers. He may, of course, to convene a fellowship of the state Council, but why? If something is wrong, they do so to present and then cleared. So the mafia works. And some – and the entire state.




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