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How Sweden solved the problem with debris. Photo

Как в Швеции решили проблему с мусором. Фото Sweden have to buy garbage from Norway.

In Sweden only 7% of waste sent to landfill: everything else is recycled one way or another. Largely this has been achieved through the correct sorting of rubbish and the special relationship of the government to the ecology of the country.

Как в Швеции решили проблему с мусором. Фото - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

As the waste to separate, taught in school…

Separate waste collection in Sweden have attended only at the end of the last century, later than many other European countries – but in a short time has achieved great success.

Как в Швеции решили проблему с мусором. Фото

The Swedes took responsibility for sorting and for a couple of decades used to lay trash on fractions: near houses usually are containers for paper, glass, metal, plastics, food residues and non-recyclable waste.

Even a small child will not come to mind to throw the wrapper in the wrong for her container. First, because of wrong sorting threaten substantial fines, and secondly, because the Swedes from a young age are taught to throw garbage properly.

In kindergartens crumbs talk about how to segregate waste categories, it is not as easy as it seems at first glance. For example, if the package consists of several materials, they must be separated from each other and to put each in the container: for example, to remove from glass bottle label and send it to the paper and the container itself to the glass.

Как в Швеции решили проблему с мусором. Фото

With care about people

By the way, glass is also sorted: color glass goes in one container, and transparent in another. Plastic bottles and tin cans can be thrown away, and handed over in points of reception and receive the money.

As in many European countries, the price of the drink is usually included in the price of the package: to get her back “in your pocket” you can, if you take the bottle in a special apparatus, which is usually located in the same place in the store.

This system is common in Europe, but in Sweden it is of particular concern for the people near the camera there is always the ballot box with empty bags, which were brought Tara and the sink then to wash hands, and also a drying rack or a paper towel roll.

Also in every village there is costanzia located most often at gas stations, which take from the population of hazardous waste: chemicals, paints, varnishes, batteries, aerosol cans, fluorescent lamps.

And in the pharmacy you can always take expired medicines. There you will be given a special container for used syringes and needles, which then again can be taken at the pharmacy.

Как в Швеции решили проблему с мусором. Фото

In some cities in Sweden are using this type of transporting garbage, as an underground duct. It was first tried in this country in 1961.

With this method of garbage collection is visible above the ground just the tip of the urn with a hole for waste, and underground is the main funded part.

Several times a day the accumulated scum with the help of a strong airflow is sucked into a sewer tunnel with a large diameter, which are submitted to the Central receiving station. Here the waste is compressed in containers and sent to the station or the processing or in the incinerator.

Как в Швеции решили проблему с мусором. Фото

The problem of Sweden – a shortage of garbage

Directly on the dump is sent only 7% of waste – the rest, the Swedes have learned to use for the benefit of residents of the country. Part of the waste (e.g., glass, plastic, paper) is sent to the relevant enterprises involved in processing.

The other part of the waste is burned with use – heat and electricity, which is produced in special waste incineration plants (WIP) is directed to the provision of urban farms. So, the supply of electricity and heat in Stockholm 45% provided by MSZ. Also, from waste biogas, which is used for the needs of urban transport.

Как в Швеции решили проблему с мусором. Фото

In General, the Swedes learned how to use MSW in the most different spheres of life. In the end, the number of landfills in the country has plummeted, so much so that the Swedish people have become… not enough debris.

The shortage of waste threatened to become a serious problem, because the Swedes had nothing to heat their homes and nothing to generate electricity. But to the rescue came the neighbors: Norway expressed readiness to deliver annually Sweden 800 000 tons of garbage.

Как в Швеции решили проблему с мусором. Фото

15 acocella

Swedish incineration plants use the most advanced technology, resulting in the number of harmful emissions produced by burning debris and falling into the atmosphere, is less than 1%.

Also managed to reduce about 50% the amount of harmful substances that enter the ash.

In the end, Stockholm is one of the cleanest capitals in Europe, despite the fact that this town is the incinerator.

The Swedish Parliament and government in 1999 approved 15 environmental goals towards which it is expected to come no later than 2020.

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