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How Soviet culture has programmed in poverty

Как советская культура программировала на нищету

So, friends — today will be an interesting post about how Soviet books and movies have programmed people are not on a successful and wealthy life and poverty. I think you all met scoops that from time to time cry out — “money’s not important!” or “we were poor but honest!”. Often, this scoop lives in mom’s apartment with carpet on the wall and tea mushroom in the kitchen, and is without any doubt my mother’s pension or salary of his wife.

This distorted view of reality came from people because of the Soviet culture in which is constantly over-emphasize the cult of poverty and asceticism, as well as popularized the image of a man who protests against the state currently sits on bread and water, Yes, okay.

In General, in today’s post — a story about how Soviet books, movies and culture in General has programmed people to poverty. In General, make sure you check out the article below, it is interesting. Well, friends to add do not forget)

Soviet ideas about the rich and the poor.

Как советская культура программировала на нищету

First you need to say that Soviet culture was hammered into people’s heads is extremely harmful and destructive argument — about the fact that poor people are more moral and kinder than the rich, and all rich people is a despicable “bourgeois” who only think about how to have stolen more gold.

In the real world, things are exactly the opposite — “the rich” (those who have solved the problems of material existence) is much more altruistic and often try to spend extra money on some interesting and useful projects, and to create something not only for themselves (for themselves have all been created), but for others. According to the so-called “the pyramid of needs according to Maslow” is the highest degree of implementation of human — deciding questions of material survival, one tries to answer the question who am I and something to give to the world — because to doesn’t make sense anymore, it’s all there.

About the poor scoops were told that they supposedly “more moral”, but in reality the opposite is true — the poor are constantly thinking about how to get a piece of bread, busy, survival, and the struggle for survival do not think much about the moral component — to snatch the bread from the other — quite normal in such a society phenomenon. Such a rat society.

In General, Soviet culture was attributed to the poor all sorts of non-existent dignity and strongly magnified all sorts of vagabonds and idlers. Summary of scoop natural for 80 years, people have forgotten how to work, has exhausted all initiative and enterprising citizens and more and more degraded.

As books and movies programmed for poverty.

Как советская культура программировала на нищету

In order to promote its harmful thesis about the “badness” of the rich and the “goodness” of all the poor scoops has harnessed the power of their propaganda. Even from the point of view of the visual image of Soviet films and books have sought to influence viewers and readers — in all Soviet books and films the poor show in the form of a slender, young and beautiful people with bright thoughts, and rich — were all bold, big-nosed, old and nasty.

Typical Soviet story Soviet film, knigi or performance looks like — lives vile and evil rich man who only does what eats and indulges in all sorts of carnal pleasures, and has a nasty character yells at the servants and raising the children. And live around poor people with good calf eyes, which are all entirely slim, beautiful and yet gentle and kind. The poor begin to dance and sing songs — and then the rich man somewhere escapes, and there comes universal happiness of Communism. I specifically do not write about specific movies — you can easily recall something from the Soviet culture with a similar story.

No one ever told scoop that wealth in General is the natural result of hard work, sometimes the cost of the lives of several generations — because the scoop all were poor. No one talked about the fact that money is first and foremost a resource that frees man from the primitive labour for good and useful deeds for the benefit of the world — it was not in sight. Instead, people are constantly hammered into the heads of toxic ravnoteza — to be rich is very bad, money is very bad, do not strive to make money, be the same as all the poor in poverty — the power! The poor — the future!

Why is this happening? The answer to this question is very simple — the Soviet state (originally built on false principles) did not need to be rich and free people who independently manage their lives, their free time and independently form their views of the world and choose their own government. The scoops were needed to the poor slaves — which can be fed with hands as people with disabilities, and to tell the eternal tale of the “free apartment” and how the state of them “cares”…

Bitten communism. Instead of an epilogue.

Как советская культура программировала на нищету

At the end of the post I want to say some more. In developed countries, the really wealthy people, such as Elon Musk, bill gates, mark Zuckerberg or the late Steve jobs, in addition to creating interesting and useful for all the things else in life, spending huge sums to charity, and after death are often bequeathed for charitable purposes the greater part of his fortune. In the last years of his life Steve jobs said so — “I don’t care if I’m the richest man in the cemetery. To fall asleep with the feeling that the day I did some amazing things — that’s what interests me”.

But most other Russian rich people, educated in the Soviet system — they do not like Western wealthy people who earned their wealth by their own intelligence and talents. Russian rich GWOT whole other way — try to surround yourself with the ultimate luxury, palaces and gold, and from time to time unleash aggressive war against “unruly neighbors”.

In fact, the Russian (and some Ukrainian) oligarchs, brought up in the scoop, and become the very caricature of rich books shovels. All my childhood they listened to the false stories of Soviet propaganda and it absorbed very well — the rich man must be angry, aggressive and consume as much as possible for anything else do not need money. And this is another scar of a scoop, which be able to heal very soon…

Such cases.

And in the comments write what you think about all this, I wonder.

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