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How not to overeat at New year: better ways

Как не переесть на Новый год: лучшие способыNutritionists have shared the secrets that will help you not to overeat at the holiday table.

Probably each of us remembers the unpleasant sensation of a full stomach for new year’s table when clock has not been beaten, and it is hard to get up. To say nothing of dancing and fun? When overeaten, another hour and a half will need to rebound, yet inside it’ll work out.

Experts have suggested that to do not to overeat at New year:

To eat for a whole day of December 31, as usual. That is, Breakfast, lunch and dinner and two light snacks between meals. Thus, the closer to 12 at night you will not want to eat everything.

Choose more vegetables and fruits. Fresh meats or salads without mayonnaise – dishes that will make you feel free and easy.

Eat immediately hot. Usually on the Christmas table a lot of places are snacks and salads with mayonnaise, and after 12 nights on it there is meat and fish. So, if you want not to suffer from overeating, wait until hot, and eat it without the usual potatoes, but better with herbs or vegetables.

Stop drink and without high-calorie meals sweet fizzy drinks. Carbon dioxide causes the stomach to swell in a figurative sense of the word. But after the first few SIPS will have a feeling of fullness, bloating and flatulence.

Strong alcohol instead of sweet cocktails. Almost all cocktails are prepared with carbonated drinks, sweet liqueurs, sugar, syrups and so on. So Christmas cocktails become superchlorinate and from them you will have the feeling that you have overeaten or drank too much. In General, it is better to drink several shots of vodka or a glass of wine than 5-6 cocktails.

Dance. The new year is a fun holiday and it is not without songs and dances. If you have already managed to try a couple of dishes from the Christmas table, then it’s time to go to the dance floor and getting rid of extra calories.

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