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How much you can store food in the refrigerator

Сколько могут храниться продукты в холодильникеStale products can dwell with different dangerous bacteria, experts warn

Scientists have figured out how long the food in the refrigerator will remain safe.

So, ham, raw meat and poultry can be stored at a relatively low temperature for two days, and sausages – three, a side of bacon – a week, but, for example, smoked salmon calm will last up to two weeks.

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The fruit will be from two days to five (more dense bones through the week), vegetables – up to four days, the lettuce should not be stored more than three days.

Milk for 4-5 days, soft cheese 2-3 days after opening, cheese and eggs – a week.

As you know, stale products can dwell with different dangerous bacteria. For example, Listeria, which settles in yesterday’s salads, spoiled soft cheeses and raw milk.

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In the box for fresh vegetables and fruits can be used to detect E. coli. In stale meat, especially if it is long under plastic film, breeds, causing intestinal infection is the bacterium Campylobacter.

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