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How much will it cost holographic smartphone Red Hydrogen One?

Red called the unique value of mobile Hydrogen One, known as “holographic smartphone”. Before its release only a few days, and its price is, to put it mildly, confusing.

The main feature of Red Hydrogen One lies in its screen. It’s kind of an attempt to revive interest in useless for most people, 3D technology, fashion which is long gone. The smartphone display can show three-dimensional image visible without special glasses, however, to find this feature in real life is not easy – the content is almost there, but to create it under just one smartphone, no one will.

In addition, the network has already appeared a detailed analysis of the pre-release version of Red One Hydrogen, in which the 3D function is extremely unstable, giving a murky picture of low quality. And Yes, a three-dimensional image without glasses can display a device, which is already a few years old – can you remember the portable gaming console Nintendo 3DS, popular which can not be called. This functionality was so unclaimed that Nintendo Switch it drank unnecessary. Total, Hydrogen Red One is one of the most useless smartphone in 2018, and it costs exactly $1300, or about 85 000 rubles at the current rate.

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