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How much to pay your Emperor?

Сколько платит ваш Государь?

Friends who were detained, are outraged that the police asked them how much they were paid the state Department for participation in the action. Expensive, not indignant. You just don’t know how to live the Russian people.

Unlike you, he got used to the fact that he is paid for his public activity. When Russian people on the square shouting “long live the Emperor!” and throws it to the sky cap, he expects that the Emperor will pay for this triumph. The Emperor — to his credit — pays. Babchenko writes that the Emperor throws the Russian people. This is not so. Someone throws, but in General the Emperor pays and sometimes very generously.

From this point of view, liberal for the Russian people is the one who found another Sovereign. The scheme is the same: “long live the” hat in the sky and payment.

Now, as you know, the Russian Emperor does not pay very much. There are shortages. Why Russian people in the police and interested: and your Majesty how to pay? delays often? indexing happen?

In this context, the question “how much?” you need not angry, and good at lying, bending the nose of the Russian people your slim white fingers, what fabulous benefits you get from the World Government: and feed, and winter, and vegetables, and travel and all sorts.

Only when the Russian people will see that for “long live freedom, equality and fraternity” pay more than “long live the Emperor”, he will love the ideas of John Locke and feminism. And tall, go along with you in the Kingdom of Light and Goodness.

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