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How much is the competition “Mrs. Russia”? The winner answered the question about participation

A Princess and a beauty Queen to carefully hide information about how they managed to get first place. However, the current winner of the beauty contest and motherhood “Mrs. Russia – 2017” had not concealed from his fans information about how much it costs participation in the competition beauties.

Сколько стоит конкурс «Миссис Россия»? Победительница ответила на самый частый вопрос об участии

Thousands of questions struck a large mom and wife of a famous TV host Pauline Dibrov. Many have suggested that Dmitry Dibrov, the husband of the winner, has posted a tidy sum for participating, but Paulina denies such information. She says that the victory went through her own merits, which are her family.

However, some money still family Dubrovich had to give to the organizers. As you know, every beauty contest has a certain contribution. So, for the participation of Pauline paid, she wrote about this in my photoblog “Instagram”.

“Girls, Hello! It’s time to answer your questions. Contribution to the contest Mrs. Russia 65 thousand rubles”, — wrote Dibrova in Instagram.

Such arguments did not convince the users of the Network. Commentators continue to think that victory Dibrova was purchased.

“Well, everything is clear”, “Competition purchased, not interested”, “Fake”, “This is terrible — arrogate to themselves the titles,” wrote the Internet users.

Note that the contest took place last weekend, Pauline and Dmitry Dibrovy raising three children: a seven year old Sasha, Fyodor three-year and two-year Ilya. The couple have been together for eight years.

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