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How much is annual insurance on frameless Xiaomi Mi Mix?

We have often written that the smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix with all its uniqueness suffers from excessive brittleness of the ceramic frame that encircles the entire housing. This is the main problem of this model, because together with the frame broken and the screen replacement which is quite expensive. For this reason, was invented by the annual insurance for this gadget, which covers the risk of accidental damage.

Replacement edge-to-edge screen Xiaomi Mi Mix is worth just $ 200 — for that money you can buy a good Chinese smartphone with a traditional display. At the same time, insurance Xiaomi Mi Mix for a period of one year is only $ 36, and this is really beneficial. It is a kind of insurance for your the only difference is that you will not have to clear the money from the insurance company in court.

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The insurance covers the risk of screen damage in the event of a fall and the possibility of entering the entire smartphone damaged due to contact with its body of water. Fix Xiaomi phone Mi Mix within a week of contacting the service center. It is nice that this action applies to the two mobiles — Xiaomi Mi Redmi Note 2 and 4. The cost of insurance depends on the model, means of communication, here only it is only valid in China, as Xiaomi has no plans to sell Mi Mix outside their home country in the foreseeable future.

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