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How much cost to go to the USSR

Сколько стоило съездить в СССР

Someone like, but my attention was always attracted to these red and white buses with the inscription Intourist, which in Soviet times was one of the characteristic features of Moscow city centre. The people sitting in them were messengers of something distant and almost inaccessible. Even for the child mind were available laid them in the idea of injustice, as if the idea that the Soviet man is second grade. And the first one is they are sitting in these buses. They live in countries to which access is closed to you. But they can easily come to the Soviet Union, take a look here at the sights and then off to my distant semi-mythical world. And that is not enough, that in the countries from which they came (or at least capitalist countries), access to ordinary Soviet man was almost completely closed. But here, in Moscow, their services were hotels, bars and currency shops from which ordinary Soviet citizens were prohibited. The Soviet people in the eyes of the Communists is a second-class powerless Papuan, when there is a choice between Soviet citizens and foreigners. And the symbol of this Supreme injustice had these red-and-white buses. Interestingly, while the foreigners felt it? Did they in the USSR as in any other country, and behave just like any other place in the world? Or they felt such white masters, arrogantly looking down on the Soviet Papuans, enjoying the fact that you get what the people themselves “this country”. And, by the way, how do should take a trip to the USSR on a tourist trip?

In the USSR, foreigners could get multiple ways. For example, the alien could come to the Soviet Union in the composition of any of the artistic team on tour. Or, for example, the alien could be some special interest to some of the Soviet institutions and those invited him in, say, a conference or consultation. But the most popular option is, of course, tourism. However, since the USSR was a totalitarian state in which everyone of the citizens were controlled by this same system of control was extended to everyone coming to the USSR of foreigners.

Paranoia and spy characteristic of Stalin and other Soviet higher managers forced to see almost every foreigner was a potential spy. Therefore, each foreign tourists – Intourist – it was necessary to take care of the very first steps that they did on Soviet soil. With this purpose in 1929, the Soviet Union established a special Agency for foreign tourists, received a simple name Intourist. First it was a small Desk, but eventually turned into a state of monster – a kind of state within a state, owning dozens of hotels, hundreds of vehicles (including the notorious red-and-white buses). In the structure of the Agency, Intourist worked tens of thousands of people and have nothing to say about how prestigious for the Soviet people was working in this structure. In the USSR, everything that was even remotely connected with foreign countries and foreigners, was prestigious. Even an ordinary bus driver Intourist could get various small Souvenirs from foreign tourists.

Very good considered work in different interestsi hotels.

The restaurant of the hotel “Intourist” (Photo by Peter Turnley/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images)
Сколько стоило съездить в СССР

On the table is nothing special. Salads, red caviar, ham, remains of a kebab, dried salmon. But it is now – nothing special, but in Soviet times it was simply gorgeous table. At the table, by the way, like the Soviet women. Face is characterized.

But the ultimate dream of every employee of Intourist, of course, was work in the foreign office. Here in this example:

The headquarters of the Soviet tourist Agency Intourist in Paris. (Photo by JARNOUX Patrick/Paris Match via Getty Images)
Сколько стоило съездить в СССР

In General, the Soviet people wanted to be as close to the epicenter of the corrupting influence of the West. There were, of course, and, as elegantly expressed the Soviet propaganda, provocations and subversive elements. After all, the offices of Intourist, in contrast to the diplomatic missions of the USSR, was easily accessible to any passerby.

The Intourist office in West Berlin on 25 may 1962. Unknown inflicted graffiti “SED agent headquarters” (meant, probably, Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands, SED ie, as it was called in the USSR). (Photo by dpa/picture alliance via Getty Images)
Сколько стоило съездить в СССР

But I think the employees of the Intourist had nervous congestion from this kind of “provocation”. Work in West Berlin or Paris was worth it.

So, the way of the tourist in the Soviet Union usually begins in one of these foreign offices of Intourist. Each person who wants to serve for inspection of the world’s first state of workers and peasants came to this office and bought a tour. Now we come to the question posed in the title of this article. How much cost to go to the USSR? At different times, perhaps in different ways. For example, a poster of the Intourist 1930 on the TRANS-Siberian Express.

Сколько стоило съездить в СССР

$ 250 in 1930, I believe it was quite a lot of money for foreign workers groaning under the yoke of capital. Therefore, at the time, traveled to the Soviet Union mainly by the wealthier segments of the population. Because it is unlikely the American worker in the 1930s was willing to pay $ 250 to stare at THE LENIN MAUSOLEUM.

Сколько стоило съездить в СССР

Well, how much was the tour in the USSR closer to 70? To answer this question will help the Soviet magazine SPUTNIK, which was started in 1967 for distribution abroad, with the aim of improving the image of the USSR in the eyes of the lost coast foreign potential customers. Take number 1, January 1968.

Сколько стоило съездить в СССР

Leaf through it and find the required.

Сколько стоило съездить в СССР

Holidays in the USSR! Wow! Tempting. The program is diverse and intense. And that’s what we will become?

Сколько стоило съездить в СССР

Well what can I say? Compared with the ungodly prices of 1930, in 1968, a celebration of the soul. The most expensive tour – 15 days for 99 pounds. And the cheapest – £ 34 within 7 days. Yes, another full Board! However, 51 pounds in 18 days is even cheaper than that if you count rent. Yes, it’s a celebration of the soul. And to those who are going to travel independently (say, by invitation), fact, cost only 2.11 pounds and 0.11 pounds per day a Parking space.

Yes for such money I am even now ready to the USSR on a tourist trip. Yes, to live separately from the Soviet people to the hotels and a walk-in closed for the Soviet people currency bars. Schaub I lived!

This is how the Communists at dumping prices sold to the English bourgeoisie of the USSR. Because we understand that many do not tell tales about the most wonderful and advanced system, for a higher price on it to see the special number not found wanting.

Along the way, we answered the question: was it possible to sell to foreigners, the Soviet Union? Yes, you can. But only at dumping prices.

Сколько стоило съездить в СССР

Such cases. So, who will go to the Soviet Union? Rush to the offices of Intourist!

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