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How many years, Ukrainians will have to save for a private apartment in Kiev

Сколько лет украинцам придется копить на собственную квартиру в КиевеSave up for an apartment in the capital for 65 years.

To buy their own homes is the goal of the majority of Ukrainians. But to acquire it from Ukrainian salaries and fluctuation of the dollar.

In Kiev Studio apartment can be bought for $ 25,000.

The last few years, the housing market plummeted. Prices on the secondary market is fixed in dollars, and after a sharp devaluation of housing in the hryvnia equivalent went up dramatically. Demand has fallen and the price of apartments had to be reduced. The average salary in Kiev is $ 320. That is to buy “odnushki” will have to pay 72 pay. If you can delay a monthly “tithe” – you can get for 65 years.

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The most expensive capital in the post-Soviet space – Moscow. Here a Studio apartment can cost $ 100,000. Last year average prices for the first time in ten years fell below this mark, however, and now the capital of Russia the price level can compete with major European cities.

On the average Muscovites earn $ 1,100. Despite the fact that salaries in Moscow are three times higher than in Kiev Ukrainian buy property in the capital easier. To buy a Studio apartment will have to collect at least 90 capital salaries. If you defer 10% of salary, a housewarming party to celebrate 75 years.

In Minsk, one-bedroom apartment can cost $ 30,000. The real estate market for several years dipped considerably and the housing is much cheaper. The average salary in the capital of Belarus last year reached $ 730. That is, for friedmana “unity” Minsk residents will have to wait 41 average salary. Or 34 years to postpone one-tenth of his salary.

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In Bucharest (Romania) Studio apartment can cost $ 40,000. On it the residents of the capital with an average salary ($700) will have to stay without money 57 months. Save on be flat for 47 years.

In Warsaw, with an average salary of $ 1,200 Studio apartment costs about 50 000. That is, resident of the capital of Poland will have to postpone the salary of 41, or 34 to postpone the tenth part of the salary.

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