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How many Ukrainians will cost the new year “Olivier”

Во сколько украинцам обойдется новогодний «Оливье»Time to prepare for the holidays.

The journalists decided to calculate how much it will cost the most popular salad on the Christmas table “Olivier”. Of course, different recipes, quality and quantity of ingredients, but because this calculation can only be considered a rough guide.

The most expensive sausage

When the official price increase since the beginning of the year by 11.5%, the cost of lettuce rose by almost 25%. To prepare 2 kg of salad (8 servings) at the end of November 2017 will cost 98,58 UAH (see table).

In December 2016 (that is, in fact, by the beginning of 2017), according to the estimates of the Association of suppliers of retail chains, the same salad with a boiled sausage cost 76,88 UAH, if buying in hypermarkets Fozzy, or 78,91 UAH in Auchan.

While the Association did not perform his calculations, but, as the Director of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko, now it’s safe to say that Christmas salad will be more expensive, primarily because of the strong price increase of all types of meat and meat products (about a third).

And with them, respectively, increased in price and cooked sausages, especially the top grade. Such sausage, not the most expensive (elite products is 160-320 UAH/kg), and were used in the calculations.

Several cheaper salad with chicken, which is now in supermarkets approximately 83 UAH/kg, As was stated by the head of Department on work with investors and the media of the agricultural holding “MHP” Anastasia Sobotiuk, due to the increase in the cost of production, poultry for the first eight months of this year rose in price by 17%.

Save on vegetables

Unlike meat this year the vegetables for the salad somewhat cheaper due to the fact that cold late and vegetables can be stored unsuitable for winter stores.

“The prices of vegetables in the opt continue to decline, although retail is not so noticeable, in the range of 20-30 cents per pound. But as soon as frosts — the picture will change dramatically”, — assured the Association of suppliers of retail chains.

Although, when compared with the previous year, vegetable prices in 2017, the year started with a level 30% higher than last year, but due to the current decreasing at the end of the year they can be higher only by 20-25%.

With September quickly become more expensive eggs. Until the end of the year, according to the forecast Director of the Association “Union of poultry breeders of Ukraine” Sergey Karpenko, they will grow another 7-8%, i.e., to 27-29 UAH per dozen.

The price of eggs also affects the price of mayonnaise, although it can not be traced a direct relationship. Groceries (especially canned long term storage, such as pickled cucumbers, expensive most slowly — a maximum of the inflation rate, which at year-end, according to the NBU, 12.2%.

So it is not surprising that according to the poll, conducted in October-November this year, several research centers, the growth of prices concerned 37% Ukrainians, and about the same (36%) low level of wages.

How much is a bowl of “olive” in November of 2017

Во сколько украинцам обойдется новогодний «Оливье»
Во сколько украинцам обойдется новогодний «Оливье»

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