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How many minutes were cut Ridley Scott movie “Alien: Covenant”?

The question is highly relevant, since experience shows that the installation is a very important thing, and NOT ALWAYS the installation is good. And Ridley probably could tell, if we are talking about his movie “Prometheus”.

Did you know that in addition to the rental version of the movie there is still one that is blinded fans? This is the official extended version of the film includes almost all the deleted scenes and the dialogue from those that were released as bonus material for DVD and Blu Ray, as well as viral videos, released during the campaign. The duration of the “fan” version of “Prometheus” half an hour more rolling, but more importantly, this version looks much more solid and meaningful than the “scrap” that came out in the car.

Seriously, there characters are better revealed and the main idea is expressed much more clearly. Rolling version of “Prometheus” can be compared to a puzzle-a puzzle that is missing a few pieces. In the extended version of everything in its place – and it produces much better impression than what we were shown in cinemas in 2012.

Curious how may vary the rental version of the movie “Alien: Covenant” from what the viewer can get the extended version. In a recent interview, Director Ridley Scott admitted that he had cut from the film about 20 minutes of video.

It happened after the so-called “test screenings”, what is satisfied before rolling, to be able to verify in practice whether all the episodes are working as it should, all happy with the audience, and if necessary, make changes and, perhaps, something even reshoot. For Scott it is a common practice:

I always prepare the first version of the installation duration is about 2 hours and 23 minutes. I look at it and say to myself: “I need to reduce it to two hours.”

So, Scott cut out 20 minutes of “Alien: Covenant,” following the lead of the public who visited the test shows. Did it do the film any good? Judging by the reviews from critics (Yes, even if our reviewers) – definitely YES. If you look at how the film performs at the US box office, probably NOT.

I can only say one thing. If Scott has mounted “Alien: Testament” as he mounted the “Prometheus”, then it would be better such things not to do, and to do my job as an artist, but not as editor.

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