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How many cups of coffee a day to drink not bad

Сколько чашек кофе в день пить не вредноExcessive consumption of coffee can lead to caffeine poisoning.

Every body is individual, and the norm of drinking coffee is also a must-have for everyone.

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Charades Gender – surgeon, oncologist and author of the book “Genetics of health” noted that consumption of coffee should really be careful, especially those people who acutely feel the invigorating effect of caffeine.

People metaboliziruet caffeine at different speeds. Those who metaboliziruet caffeine slowly, the risk of heart attacks increases if they drink more than two cups of coffee a day, but those who quickly metaboliziruet caffeine the risk of heart attack, conversely, is reduced if they drink at least one Cup of coffee a day
– said the medic.

He also added that the average consumption of caffeine should be limited to 300-400 mg per day. This dose, he recommends that people with fast and slow metabolizers of caffeine.

“It’s best to consume 300-400 mg of caffeine per day – about three cups of coffee. But if you suspect that you are sensitive to caffeine – for example, your heart starts to beat faster or you will become more restless, it is best to limit daily consumption of one or maximum two cups of coffee a day,” added Charades Floor.

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