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How laundries in the United States. Photo

Как устроены прачечные в США. ФотоIn the US, all set up differently.

In American films and television series appear in the laundries, which locals enjoy with an enviable constancy: there they not only wash, but also familiar. Where did it went? Than not hit the washing machine?

Laundry and Ironing appear in the West in the late XIX century. It was not cheap: the work was carried out by specially employed staff, and delivery of orders carried out by mail. About coming somewhere to do my Laundry myself, out of the question.

During the great depression necessitated cheap laundries for the General population. The first public Laundry, based on the principle of self-service was opened in 1934 in Fort worth, Texas. Although originally in the Laundry room only had four electric washing machine, she quickly became popular and fully recouped the cost of the owner.

Как устроены прачечные в США. Фото

“Laundry Palace”, in 1924.

Как устроены прачечные в США. Фото

In such boxes people received linen from laundries in new York. 1929.

Как устроены прачечные в США. Фото

Laundry in new York city, 1948.

High society’s need for public laundries and relatively low cost of their discovery determined the mass emergence of self-service laundromats in 30-40 years. Although increasing the level of life, many Americans are beginning to buy their own washing machines, the practice of using public laundries widespread in the U.S. until now. What is the reason?

Как устроены прачечные в США. Фото

Here and further: the American Laundry. © The Distance Podcast

Как устроены прачечные в США. Фото

First, Americans liked the idea of saving: saving water, energy, and space in homes. Laundry services are cheap to pay for the Laundry service you can either coins or special cards.

Как устроены прачечные в США. Фото

Second, many landlords prohibit to install a washing machine people who rent their housing. Property owners are afraid of leaks and short circuits. Therefore, the main customers of public laundries — those who cannot wash in a rented house. However, well-off Americans periodically use the services of the Laundry, coming here several times a year to wash large items such as comforters, pillows, bedspreads etc.

Как устроены прачечные в США. Фото

Third, modern public laundries create a quite high level of comfort for customers. In addition to washing machines, there is provided drying machine, Ironing machines and other appliances, greatly facilitating the process. Recently in laundries you can find TVs, free Wi-Fi and coffee machines that allow customers to spend time. As a rule, the vast majority of the American public laundries working around the clock, located in the basements of apartment buildings or in the immediate proximity of supermarkets, that is, the use of them can even very busy people.

Как устроены прачечные в США. Фото

Fourth, according to sociologists, Laundry is still a kind place for relaxation and meditation, allowing the Americans some time to disconnect from everyday problems.

Finally, don’t forget that the Laundry business industry, which revolve serious money. According to official data for 2011, in the United States about 35,000 public laundries, the total income reaches $ 5 billion annually.

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