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How is this done? Monsters from the Void (VIDEO)

Old school horror “the Void” (The Void) have caused a revision of the Zone Horror almost puppy dog enthusiasm. The reason for that, of course, the damn nostalgia for the classics of the genre in the 1980-ies, but it would not be correct to call a “Void” blank tracing on the films of those years – a picture of Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski quite self-sufficient, but taken as if the year of release for 2016, and 1986. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

This also applies to special effects in the film. If there is CGI, it is in miniscule amounts, and everything else that we see in the “Void” (pardon the pun). Want to see how you created the makeup and special effects for this film? Check out the following video:

Yeah, fuck CGI, this is really cool!

Recall that in the film…

During a routine patrol a police officer picks up on the side of the road wounded young man. He drove the victim to the nearest hospital, which is about to close, but still functioning. Soon several people trapped inside the hospital, surrounded by silent men in strange outfits. The cultists let out nobody, and inside, meanwhile, begins a living Hell…

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