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How I stopped being a beginner

The specifics of ice fishing we have in the Volgograd region is not the fish finder, and to search the pond, where the fish are and caught. Rarely is the main task for winter fishing is the search from scratch. Most often I’m going fishing on the famous pond where I already know the coordinates of places of interest relief. Therefore, the task is simplified, because you just need to get to the point and obsolite small area. If poklevok no – go to next point.

But then there came the rare occasion when I had to look for fish from scratch. It so happened that the ice was not at all Karpovka reservoir, and formed a pretty solid landfast ice near the shore with a width of 200 meters. Then the ice was already thin, then steamed water. It turned out that all my cherished point not available. It is necessary to add that the water level in the reservoir this year is very low (like in the don pool), so I was pretty sure that the fish will have to look again. However, I, as usual, went on the Navigator last year at the point, where he caught roach on the last ice, checked the holes 10, trying to understand the relief, but saw no bites (perch in the finger doesn’t count), nor any major changes of depth.

The next step for me was checking the old bed of the river Karpovka, which is usually held closer to the reeds. Fishing depth 8-9 m, fishing on a steep drop-off close to the reeds – no roach or perch. From a friend on the balancer pecked just perch the size of a little finger. He humbly watched my throwing and, apparently, not believing in their ability to bezmetallny fishing, trying to convince myself that if I can’t catch it especially won’t catch. And I’m more and more convinced that to me remains nothing, except how stupid to drill for ice (one direction – along the coast) in the hope to find a roach, which, they say, was yesterday caught on this side of the pond.

In any case, I still rushed to the side yesterday someone lured holes, convinced that even they didn’t have no fish, and then returned to the morning position close to the car, and basically began to look for fish, as they say in the army, “from here till evening.” The depth was about the same, 4 m. And I chose more cloudy ice, suggesting that it creates dark spots on the bottom somehow needs to attract the fish, since the bottom topography is monotonous. The ultimate goal for me was a great spot with a whitish ice. Not a local spot, a kind of language of length 50 meters and width 20 meters.

I drilled 4-5 holes in one direction and in each well were doing exactly three transactions in full confidence that the bite will not see, for even in old lured the hole saw. When I got to the “white language”, making 5 holes in the side of the shore, for the second hole during the first ascent of “the devil” I felt the presence of fish. On the second posting, I saw a clear down-absolutely not typical for the furtive twitching perch with the little finger, and the third wiring seduced the beautiful roach! His head immediately began to stir different thoughts. It was an accident, or maybe I did something wrong? Maybe it’s just time for the bite to come, and roach began to peck everywhere?

I was continually tormented by the thought that 4 metre long table for the fish was supposed to be whitish spots of ice. I often drill holes in these spots, then center, then to the side, trying to catch the border, which could draw on the bottom out from behind the clouds the sun. Roach found himself under the largest such spot.

Catch the third roach, clearly understanding that each transaction brings the bite, I wrote a friend an SMS, they say, found a roach. When Igor came around my holes were already dozens of platic. I was eager to check in this hole caught or roach tight it is under this “white tongue”? But enough to test it did not work. Inexorably the sun setting over the horizon, like at least a little bit to catch fish for pickling. Igor in the adjacent holes did not work. The first roach he caught only when changed yo like my (highly elongated droplet, more like a column).

He then told me that he was impressed by my confidence in the correctness of their actions, in choosing a method of finding fish, choosing the right Jack and wiring needed. Well, maybe in some ways he is right? I don’t think I can call myself a novice basematerial, because, hand on heart, the whole day I was looking for fish and never thought about any attachment. I was really confident that will his tackle and his ability to persuade anyone who will be under the hole.

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