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How have the housing prices in Kiev

Как изменились цены на жилье в КиевеIn the last month of the current year, the average price of apartments in the primary property market in Kyiv rose by 0.6%.

According to experts, in the past month on the primary market increased the cost of apartments comfort class – by 2.5%, to 22,271 UAH/square meter, economy class – 2%, to 17,988 UAH/square meter, business class – by 1.1% – up to UAH 32,537/square meter, but apartments premium rose by 0.2% to 49,950 UAH/square meter. The most significantly increased prices for apartments in the Dnipro, Shevchenko and Obolon district of the capital, 5.1%, 1.6% and 1.5% respectively, while the cost of apartments in golosievskyi, caves, Syria, svjatoshynskyi and Darnitskiy areas decreased by 0,8%, 1,7%, 3%, 1,1%, 0,7% and 0.2%, respectively.

In Kiev for the year 133 families of veterans of the ATO have a new house
According to the information portal, last month, the apartment for sale offered in 76 operator 205 objects. In the structure of supply of primary housing is dominated by new buildings comfort class – 35%. The new business class made up 24% of the total, economy-class – 28%, premium – 13%. In February has been suspended or terminated sale of apartments in 2 objects.

However, the average cost of apartments in the secondary housing market of Kiev in February 2018 declined in comparison with January by 6% and amounted to UAH 33,487/square meter, while the dollar prices fell by 0.3% – up to 1229 dollars/square meter.

It is also reported that from February 2017 apartments on the secondary housing market of Kiev fell by an average of 4.2%, but in dollar terms, the average price decreased by 3.8%. According to analysts, for the year hryvnia prices in the luxury segment of housing fell by 6.6%, cheap – 5.2% and in dollar terms fell by 0.9% in the luxury segment and increased by 0.6% in cheap.

According to the report, last month, most fell 4-room apartment – by 6.7%, to 36,079 UAH/square meter. The average cost of supply of 2-room apartments in the capital fell by 6.5% to 34,560 UAH/square meter, 3 bedroom 6.1% to 33,338 UAH/square meter 1-room – by 4.9%, to 31,716 UAH/square meter.

The volume of housing construction in Ukraine increased by 9%
In February 2018, recorded a decrease in average prices in all administrative districts of Kiev – from 4.9% in Dnieper to 6.5% in Obolon and Shevchenko areas. The amount represented by the sale of apartments in the secondary housing market in February compared to January fell by 0.8% and amounted to 18,582 thousand apartments. In the total 1-bedroom apartment is 27%, 2-room – 32%, 3-room 34% and 4-room – 7%. To

In January 2018, compared to December 2017 the average cost of apartments in the primary real estate market of Kyiv rose by 1.1% to 23,984 UAH/square meter, compared with January 2017 prices increased by 2.9%. Apartments on the secondary market in Kiev the average for January 2018 rose compared to December 2017 2.2% to 35,616 UAH/square meter, while the dollar prices fell by 0,2% – up to 1232 dollars/square meter.Go to the Main page

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