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How Finland fought off the scoop

Как Финляндия отбилась от совка

So, friends — this week I publish a series of posts about Finland — where I recently returned, and where a lot of things witnessed and learned — so be sure to add us as a friend and subscribe to my telegram channel — who have not already done so. In my opinion, the Nordic countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway and of course Finland is in principle the best there is on our Earth in many respects — quality of life, General culture, level of education, architecture and design, as well as infinitely humane attitude to people. In fact, these countries are already living in XXII-XXIII century — where we live we are all with you after we extinguished the last of the phantom pain Soviet empires, will cease the cries of the Stalinists and the anti-Westerners, will crumble into dust , hate propaganda , and in Europe, and throughout the Land there will be peace.

However, modern Finland would look now quite different, and could be the usual former Soviet Republic FSR with collapsed pavements, terrible panel houses in urban centers and a post-Soviet “values,” who has more gold is stuck on the curtain and who have more car — that’s right and did a big head. Today the Finns, too, could laugh at the Christmas adventure Genis Alkalineand shout “can you repeat that!”on may 9, wrapped from head to toe ribbons is calling it all “belonging to the great Soviet culture” — but this did not happen.

The turning point for Finland happened in 1939, when full military might of Stalin’s Soviet Union moved to Finland with their tanks and nearly one million contingent of soldiers — but was not able to conquer a small country. In the interwar period, Finns have had to live in a rich and rapidly growing country, and did not want to scoop — which could offer nothing but misery, propaganda, repression and lies. That is why Finnish volunteers very well understood why and what they protect their country — ridiculing the false Soviet propaganda in the song “No hammers”.

So, today’s big post, I’ll tell you about how Finland fought off the scoop, who are the “Minsk Finns” what happened raatskoy on the road and what happened to Finland after the war. In General, make sure you check out the article below, write in the comments your opinion, well to friends to add do not forget)

“Finnish People’s Republic”.

Как Финляндия отбилась от совка

Let’s start with — how and why it started Finnish war of 1939, also called “Winter war”. In 1917 in Russia there was a Bolshevik coup, which eliminated the former tsarist Empire, the “prison of Nations” — which according to these same Bolsheviks prevented the development of enslaved and occupied peoples. However, in the days of Stalin, finding no other meaning in power — the Bolsheviks returned to Imperial ideology and rhetoric — well, not the life of the people improve, really. In the Stalin years formed the ultimate purpose of existence of the Soviet system — the construction of communismand the seizure of the world — political or military means.

First of all it was planned to capture the former part of tsarist Russia, which became independent and began to build on the understanding of the state for its own citizens — Finland and Poland. For such seizure began to spin the flywheel of Soviet propaganda — in which the poles and the Finns were called “poles” and “white Finns” and the impoverished Soviet workers they lied to the people out there just wants to see Soviet tanks on their streets and soon to be part of the USSR.

Throughout the 1930-ies the USSR climbed and stuck to Finland with their Imperial initiatives, offering “move the border” and to transfer part of the territory of the USSR — every time you give me with loud cries of “fascists! the Finns!” on the failure of Finland to do so. First of all, the Soviet Union wanted Finland the Mannerheim Line — these defenses of the Soviet Union called “an example of Finnish aggression”. If Finland gave them before the war never would have prevailed against the Soviet army.

Failing anything “diplomacy” — all Soviet harassment ignored the Finns, the Soviet Union decided to continue the diplomacy, the language of war, having moved to Finland by the Soviet army. Shortly before the military attack in the Kremlin was created by puppet “Finnish people’s Republic” — which was carried out the attack on Finland by the Soviet “atamatov”.

“Minsk Finns” who died for nothing.

Как Финляндия отбилась от совка

Throughout this story there is one seam, which is very important for understanding contemporary political processes — as Putin’s Russia has largely continued the Soviet policy. Inside the Soviet-Finnish war is not called the actual “war” — it was believed that the Soviet Union begins the great liberation campaign to Finland to help Finnish workers to overthrow the yoke of the capitalists.

Propaganda spun in the Soviet media, and in culture. December 1, 1939 in the newspaper “Pravda” published an article about that in Finland (in fact — in the Kremlin) have formed the “Finnish people’s Republic”, the government of which has already been invited to Moscow, and in Helsinki sits, relatively speaking, “Finnish Junta, illegally seized power in Finland.” It would seem, at what here Ukraine and the 2014.

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In parallel, the USSR in October 1939, the Soviet Union in secrecy began to form a “Finnish people’s Army” — initially it was planned to equip from the “Soviet Finns” and ethnically close to them Karelians — but those were only about a thousand people, and the ranks of the FNA began to replenish Belarusians — scoop quietly joked “in the Finnish mines Minsk Finns will go”.

One such “Minsk Finns” was the bridegroom, the first (and perhaps only) love of my grandmother Kira Mirovich — she’s on the cover photo in this section. He was in the military conscription in 1939 and died for nothing on this useless “Finnish war” of Soviet Empire — and then were “forgotten secret” a country that did not recognize their wars of conquest. Later in life my grandmother has developed well — she met my grandfather, became a geologist, went on expedition, and traveled abroad — but apparently the memories of first love remained a wound for life. She even left his photos and she never told me about this story.

Burnt Helsinki.

Как Финляндия отбилась от совка

From the very first hours “of the winter war” the Soviet Union started bombing Finnish — no different from the Nazis. First of all it was decided to bomb Helsinki — in order to demoralize and intimidate the population. The first planes began to drop leaflets with typical Soviet propaganda and blackmail — it tells you — the Finnish people — it turns out, languishing under the yoke of the bourgeoisie that “the Finnish junta” needs to resign and then there will be peace.

On the same day in Helsinki the bombs rained down — the Soviets bombed the city with incendiary bombs at 14:30 o’clock when the streets were the maximum number of passers-by. The first bombs fell near the railway station is traditionally crowded area of the city. The station building was damaged, but was later restored. During the bombing at the station there was a terrible crush…

Как Финляндия отбилась от совка

Soviet bombs rained down on the Senate square, many of these buildings were on fire, what you can see on the comparative title photo in this section is the current burning national Museum of Finland, which is located on the Senate square at the address Unioninkatu, 34.

Как Финляндия отбилась от совка

Bombs were also damaged and the Cathedral in this square — later the building was completely restored:

Как Финляндия отбилась от совка

If you go adjacent to the square Alexander street (Aleksanterinkatu), it is possible to see traces of the Soviet bombing — one-piece quarter construction of the street was formed in the beginning of the XX century, but here and there here and there across more modern buildings — they were built on the site of burned Soviet bombing of the old buildings which were beyond repair.

Как Финляндия отбилась от совка

At least 50 Soviet bombs fell on the Central street of Fredrik — which in pre-war times was known by its Swedish name Frederiksgade. Here was destroyed a huge building Institute of technology, several five and six-storey residential houses, burned cars set on fire — “belotinska languishing under the yoke of the Finns” had very large personal vehicles.

Как Финляндия отбилась от совка

Bombs fell in the vicinity of the present Mannerheimintie are the very center of Helsinki. These glass buildings mixed with the historical buildings — the traces of those the bombing of 1939. Previously there was a solid wall of old houses.

Как Финляндия отбилась от совка

Ironically, the Soviet bombers own bombed the Soviet Embassy in Helsinki — which was in this area:

Как Финляндия отбилась от совка

The Soviet Minister Molotov for purely Soviet habit was lying, that no bombing Helsinki is not conducted — and the Soviet government knocks the bread baskets to the starving Finnish people, moreover, still languishing under the yoke of the capitalists belotinska. Later, the Finns have exhibited in the military Museum of the Soviet “bread basket” — in the photo you can see rotative-diffusing the bomb, an early prototype of cluster bombs — which the Soviet invaders bombed the city of Helsinki.

Как Финляндия отбилась от совка

Resistance. Battle raatskoy on the road.

Как Финляндия отбилась от совка

Bombing the centre of Helsinki, the Soviet invaders hoped to “intimidate” the Finns. Soviet commanders believed that the Finns likewise hate their government, Soviet citizens — his own, and will become a mass collaborators — but that didn’t happen. The Finnish army was formed in the shortest possible time and almost exclusively of volunteers — who knew what and why they will defend. With equipment and weapons of the Finns was whether Finland was not a military power like the Soviet Union, did not plan to attack anyone — and so in the course went all that skillfully shoot — for example, here are the guns of the First world war, one of which you can see in the photo above.

Their tank production Finland did not have — but the Finnish government found the funds to buy Britain 34 tank “Vickers” — this was done immediately after the Finnish government heard from the Soviet Union the cries about the “lost brethren Finnish people, who urgently need to release”.

Как Финляндия отбилась от совка

Almost all “Vickery” were killed in battles with Soviet invaders — one of the surviving tanks from the nameplate can now be seen in the military Museum in Helsinki.

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Как Финляндия отбилась от совка

The course was also the old machine guns during the First world war:

Как Финляндия отбилась от совка

And bottles with an incendiary mix called “Cocktail for Molotov” — they were produced in small factories in the cities — what all over Finland, the Finns were collecting empty glass bottles. First “Cocktail for Molotov” was planned to be used to blind tank periscopes — but later the Finns have noticed that if the bottle gets into the air intake at the rear of the Soviet tank — he breaks out like a candle.

Как Финляндия отбилась от совка

As you can see — the Finnish weapons were the most simple and even primitive, but the Finns were, above all, real patriotism and understanding of why and against whom they are fighting. For stories about “Finnish people’s Republic” was hiding the plans of the USSR on full occupation of the country — in Alliance have already released maps are included in the USSR, Finland (as a whole), and a Soviet concentration camp system, the GULAG was preparing to take up to 500,000 Finns for “re-education” — with all of the Finnish population of three million people. In place of the deported Finns, the Bolsheviks planned to bring people from the Central regions of the RSFSR, who began to tell stories about that “Finland has always been part of Russia”.

One example of a successful reflection of Soviet aggression has become a battle raatskoy on the road — which destroyed 17 thousand red army soldiers. 20 Dec 1939 44 division of the red army entered the territory of Finland. That is very sad — most of the soldiers of this division were from Ukraine — as in the case of the “Minsk Finns” Bolshevik Empire chose to fight the recruits of the annexed colonies.

Immediately after 44 division entered the territory of Finland — nothing has happened. The soldiers were just moving along a forest road, but during the day nothing bad happened. Fear comes in the night the column began to fire at the invisible Finnish snipers, all attempts to start a fire has ended up being all around the fire were killed. The division was walking through the forest for two weeks, every day of which repeated the same scenario — day slow motion, night — fear. At the end of crazed soldiers 44 Zhytomyr division in the animal flee through the forest — a smaller part of the 17 thousands of victims died from the Finnish bullets — most — from frost. Lucky, captured Finns were fed, warmed and sent to the rear.

In the photo below — Soviet wagon communication with antennas on the roof, thrown in one of the battles raatskoy on the road, and also border sign Finland where Soviet soldiers had already scrawled “USSR”.

Как Финляндия отбилась от совка

The flag of the 44th Zhytomyr division, which ceased to exist after the battle raatskoy on the road. Also pictured Barcelona to see the equipment the men — very often Soviet soldiers lacked warm gear, normal weapons too. In fact, the Soviet government had simply abandoned thousands of people to die in the Finnish forests from the bullets and frost — it is not clear for what.

Как Финляндия отбилась от совка

But to look like the Finnish men, who for the most part Rajskogo battle remained invisible to Soviet soldiers. To the left is a Finnish sniper with ski equipment — which allowed him to move quickly. The right — fighter strike group with the submachine gun “Suomi” — these fighters were caught by the Finnish forest fled the Soviet would-be warriors…

Как Финляндия отбилась от совка

Despite all the military power of the Soviet Union — Finns managed to survive and save their country. The plans of the “Finnish people’s Republic” the size of the whole Finland was buried raatskoy on the road — the USSR got only a small size of the territories lost 130 thousand people dead and completely destroying its own international support

“Can you repeat that”. Instead of an epilogue.

Как Финляндия отбилась от совка

About that now few people know — but almost immediately after the Finnish war ended, Stalin ordered the General staff to develop plans for a new war against Finland, this time with a complete seizure of the country — conquest of Finland was to begin in July 1941, and only the beginning of the”great Otechestvennoi war” was interrupted by these plans of Stalin.

In the USSR the Soviet-Finnish war, suppressed and deleted from Soviet history books — about 130 thousand dead and tens of thousands maimed and wounded were ordered to forget, the victims in that war were not considered veterans and were hiding them out of sight, and the beginning of 1941 was not up to them — Finnish war forgotten.

Как Финляндия отбилась от совка

In itself, the Finnish Winter war is of great importance — the Finns understand that then saved his own country from the abyss of the Soviet degradation. Well, today’s Finland is a great example of how it might look, the former region of the Russian Empire, who did not know one day of communism — a prosperous country which level of development is one of the first lines of the world rankings.

However, that’s another story.

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