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How does the most dangerous prison in USA. Photo

Как устроены самые опасные тюрьмы США. ФотоImprisonment is not a trip to summer camp.

Isolation from society and the neighborhood with terrible criminals, of course, a terrifying prospect. But committing even the most terrible crimes does not mean that in addition to isolation from society, the prisoner should be deprived of human rights. In our selection of the 15 most dangerous prisons in America that do not wish to hit the enemy, there’s rampant violence, riots and lawlessness.

The prisons are filled with rapists, murderers, pedophiles, thieves and fraudsters — door to them for punishment. On the other hand, the guards and wardens in the prisons can be worse than all the above.

In our list there is no Alcatraz, but only because now it is a Museum. Once there brought dangerous criminals who tried to escape from prison. Now this prison is not working, the island turned into a Museum, where there is a regular ferry from San Francisco.

If you are interested in this subject, view “the Worst prisons of America” (Lockdown) — a documentary film about the harshest prisons in America, filmed by the National Geographic channel. In the series to learn more about U.S. prisons, as prisoners and how the prison guards.

15. The Attica Prison, New York

Как устроены самые опасные тюрьмы США. Фото

One of the most famous (rather, infamous) prisons in the United States is a prison of the Attic. This penitentiary in new York was erected in 1930.
Whether the prison is a dangerous place, as a rule, is determined on the basis of the analysis of two aspects: the composition of the prison population and their degree of discipline. If you take the first aspect to consider carefully who is usually imprisoned Attica, for many years there were serving sentences many maniacs, rapists and political prisoners. You’d be surprised how many criminal “stars” spent time in upstate new York. Some of the most famous inmates of Attica the following: mark David Chapman (the guy who killed John Lennon), Colin Ferguson (killed six people in long island), Sam Melville (also known by the nickname “mad bomb”), Willie Sutton (the infamous Bank robber), and El Sayyid Nosair (one of the terrorists in the case of the world trade center bombing). So here’s a quick little list. If you talk about how prisoners behave in this prison, the answer is simple: terrible. In September 1971 2000 prisoners captured 33 prison officers, demanding from government better living conditions. For four days there were talks, killing 39 people, among them security, and prisoners.

14. Maximum security prison Ely, Nevada

Как устроены самые опасные тюрьмы США. Фото

If you put in Google search “where the hell is Ely, Nevada?”, you can find out — like most American prisons, state prison Ely is located in the desert, literally — in a completely desert area. This is one of the most isolated rural areas of the Western United States available. Probably, this remote location is the reason, though not the only one on which Eli is one of the most dangerous prisons in America.
Here it is, rather, about the danger to the prisoners. Sometimes inaction is worse than action. For example, according to one complaint, in this prison he died a prisoner is diabetic, so as not received insulin for three days. Oh, and they had a huge riot in 2010, and was followed by an even bigger rebellion in 2011. Probably not the last.

13. State prison Pelican Bay, Crescent city, California

Как устроены самые опасные тюрьмы США. Фото

For those of you not familiar with the criminal geography of California, here’s a quick lesson. If somewhere in this region would be increased gang activity, it will primarily occur in southern California (e.g. Los Angeles, San Diego). Gang members often do not conflict with the law, and they need a place to serve sentences if they are sentenced to prison. The problem is that in prisons there is not enough space to contain and isolate people from one gang or of the warring clans. Pelican Bay is exactly these purposes. Many gang members are sent upstate to serve his time and not continue to figure out their relationship and to solve problems, while inside the prison. To combat banditry created a special system of single cells.
In this institution area of 112 hectares, located in Crescent city, there is a section X designed specifically for keeping the most terrible criminals in solitary confinement. Prisoners who are often gang members, spend a minimum of 8 years in isolation and many of them complain about the terrible psychological effects of such detention, this post-traumatic stress disorder, and hallucinations, and depression, sometimes suicide. The prison held several hunger strikes, furthermore, were even lawsuits against inhumane solitary confinement. But the order, however, remains the same.

12. The institution of corrections Pollock: Grant parish, Louisiana

Как устроены самые опасные тюрьмы США. Фото

This place made our list because in a correctional institution in Pollock is almost more murders than in the wild. While murders remain unsolved: since 2007, at least three murders that occurred in the prison, are not disclosed, and perhaps they are much more than reported to the public. Plus, Jose Robledo Nava, the leader of the gang of Mighty Kings Latina, here, is serving a life sentence, so the prison exactly dangerous, and this provoked one desperate guy to escape from this prison.
In 2006, one McNair entered the history of the original shoots. In the work of McNair in prison Pollock included the repair of mail bags, and for months he had planned an escape, which no one could guess he was going to expel himself from prison via mail. He curled up in a hand-made carton on a pallet, which was littered with old mail bags. The pallet was Packed in shrink film and taken to a nearby warehouse. McNair spent in the box a few hours roasting in the sun of Louisiana and breathing through a thin cardboard tube that he stuck through the bottom of the pan. When the warehouse guards had gone for lunch, McNair made his way to freedom and fled from the warehouse. He managed to avoid capture during the year.

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11. Correctional facility sing sing: Ossining, new York

Как устроены самые опасные тюрьмы США. Фото

Sing sing is a prison with the strictest regime in Ossining, new York that serves as a place of detention, approximately 1700 criminals. The prison is located just North of new York on the Hudson river, and the town has the expression “to send someone upstream” — that is, to send to prison.
Admittedly, the last time in sing-sing put a lot of effort to change the reputation, but you cannot change the past. Currently there are discussions to make sing sing, built in the XIX century, the Museum. The historical building with jail cells, 1825 almost certainly turned into a Museum. However, the ghosts of those who once served there time, could tell one or another story. In the prison riots happened a lot, for example, in 1983 the prisoners of sing sing were taken hostage by 17 security guards. The Saga ended only 2 days after intense negotiations.
In 1935, the prison was visited by Soviet writers, the famous Ilf and Petrov, who collected the material for his documentary novel “one-Storey America”. The prison sing-sing is often associated with executions in the electric chair, the first time it was executed Harris Smiler in 1890, and the very famous Treasury of prisoners in the electric chair in sing sing became Rosenbergs, sentenced in 1953 to death in the electric chair for espionage in favor of the USSR. Only to 1964 in the electric chair at sing sing was executed more than 600 death sentences.

10. State prison, Folsom, California

Как устроены самые опасные тюрьмы США. Фото

California is home to more than 30 million people. But not all buzz on the beach with cocktail in hand, or carried in a great car on the embankment of the ocean. Some California residents are severely limited in their movements — they are serving time in Folsom. This is one of the state prisons, which received a certain level of fame. In 1937 one of the inmates trying to escape stabbed and eventually died from his wounds.
During 70-ies and 80-ies, the falls reached a peak in the mistreatment of prisoners. The main reason for the growing violence was that the facility in California provides members of warring gangs — black, white, Hispanics and Asians were forced to coexist under one roof. It was not until such time as the Pelican Bay and other prisons have not expanded enough to keep these prisoners individually. But in early 2010, happened the riots that occurred during the feud between the gangs, then injuring several prisoners.

9. Jail-Isle of Rikers island: Queens, new York

Как устроены самые опасные тюрьмы США. Фото

As already mentioned, the danger level of the prison is not only a high probability of becoming a victim of other inmates. Government officials, prison guards and prison officials ruin the lives of the prisoners in exactly the same way as any murderer cell mate. Of rivers — is an island located in Queens, new York. The prison on the island has become the subject of serious investigations by local media and human rights defenders. Here is just one terrifying scenario: a female inmate claimed that the female officer raped her. The guards watched the rape, not preventing the crime, and allowed other inmates to be witnesses of what is happening. The woman was bound, mouth she had a gag, and raped her for the whole night.
Another case: in 2007, the walls of this institution was almost beaten to death by 18-year-old boy. He was beaten by cellmates, and the guards saw the beating, but the boy did not help. It is known that the prisoners got so bullied that it often leads to suicide. The newspaper the New York Times regularly reports about illegal actions of protection, abuse and neglect of the needs of prisoners. Rivers island — and the truth is one of the worst prisons of the United States , and this place definitely is better to avoid it — if you’re in new York, behave yourself.

8. Prison of Louisiana: Angola, Louisiana

Как устроены самые опасные тюрьмы США. Фото

Few prisons have penetrated into American folklore and culture as deeply as the Angola prison. If you imagine prisoners, who raced in formation and forced to work hard (the next patrikivey sweaty prison guard, on horseback and with a gun on his hip), then you will have a picture of life in Angola.
Built in the XIX century, when the South was probably the worst place socially, a prison in Angola at the time sheltered many of the most famous prisoners in the South. Actually, if you read the book “the Green mile”, there is described Angola. The fugitives here just shot. Riots occur regularly, the last major riot happened in 1999, when six inmates took prison guards hostage. In addition, at some point the conditions inside the prison were described by the American bar Association as “extraordinary”. So if you were in prison in Angola, your chances to come out alive approximately 50 to 50.

7. Correctional facility new Mexico: Santa Fe, new Mexico

Как устроены самые опасные тюрьмы США. Фото

New Mexico — quiet and beautiful place, with scenic sunsets and sunrises, the local politicians are rarely caught for taking bribes, a serial killer, it seems, does not exist, and there have not heard about the toxic spills that always happen in other places. But perhaps it is no coincidence the characters in Breaking Bad (breaking bad) appeared in the imagination of their creators there. Looks like new Mexico is not such a bad place. As long as one does not fall into the prison (i.e. the penitentiary) facility in new Mexico. In 1980 there happened the most violent prison riots in U.S. history (even compared to Attica prison, where dozens of people were killed). All the pedophiles, who was serving a sentence, killed and dismembered, some burned alive. 33 prisoners were killed during this revolt (this is a film called “Behind bars: Riot in new Mexico”).

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6. Prison Orleans Parish: New Orleans, Louisiana

Как устроены самые опасные тюрьмы США. Фото

Next on the list is the Orleans parish prison in New Orleans. Like many other completely dysfunctional penitentiary, the big problem with this place is that prison staff aggravates the situation. Prison guards simply ignore the fight and attacks one of the prisoners on the other. This means that people in this prison can’t count on any justice, as soon as they enter inside. Plus, the southern Center for legal assistance to the poor said that 23 prisoners were sent to the emergency Department for only one year.

5. State prison San Quentin, San Rafael, CA

Как устроены самые опасные тюрьмы США. Фото

San Quentin is one of the most famous prisons not only in the United States, but all over the world. San Quentin is also considered one of the oldest prisons of America, it was opened in 1852. Initially he was serving his sentence, both men and women, and in 1934 women were transferred to another prison. Now this prison is a place of detention only for the men on death row. It is in this institution are now carried out executions, previously used for this gas chamber, now the injection. Also in this prison resulted in the execution of sentences for prisoners from other prisons, such as Alcatraz. Now in San Quentin there are 3302 places of death. The prison has sheltered many notable inmates such as Richd Farley, who was convicted of killing seven employees, or Raymond Lee Owler, which is responsible for the deaths of five firefighters, or John Famularo (kidnapped, raped and killed a helpless 23-year-old woman in Newport beach in the early 90-ies, putting her body in a glacier, apparently for safe keeping). Along with all these horrible people that are waiting for execution in the walls of San Quentin, there are thriving typical Californian problems: terrible gangs feuding with each other, poor staffing, and aggravated racial strife.

4. Prison beaumont: Jefferson County, Texas

Как устроены самые опасные тюрьмы США. Фото

A big problem in prison beaumont is that people seem to commit more murders here than in any other place. Despite these security issues, nobody does anything to change the situation. Worst of all, this is one of the nonprofit prison that only adds to the troubles. If you don’t know some prisons are run by private commercial companies that have contracts with the state. This reduces some administrative costs, but it is clear that regardless of who controls the prison, problems within the correctional institution remain the same.

3. Correctional facility Holman: Escambia, Alabama

Как устроены самые опасные тюрьмы США. Фото

When the place gets nicknames like “slaughter” or “house of pain”, it is better to pray to God to never get — it’s about Escambia, the pearl of Alabama, namely prison Holman. One of the problems are the repeated beatings from inmates, and from correctional officers. And of course don’t forget about what people (always men) fall into this prison. For example, Bobby Frank cherry a terrible person, a member of the Ku Klux Klan, who bombed the Baptist Church on 16th street in 1950-ies, killing four little girls.
Another problem is that prisoners, most of whom are cruel and irrational, driven your own homemade whiskey, using water, sugar and yeast. Applying commendable ingenuity, the people here spend their time in the regular fights in the state of alcoholic intoxication. It seems to us, is enough reason never to get in this place.

2. Men’s Central Jail and Twin Towers: Los Angeles, CA

Как устроены самые опасные тюрьмы США. Фото

Mens Central prison is not strict mode and not suicide, of course. There are usually less violent or heinous criminals. Scammers with credit cards, was sentenced to six months in prison. And drunk drivers who sit 30 days. It’s the people who have the drive for drug use (one year in prison). Unlike other prisons in this list, the people sentenced here was harmless … on paper. The reality is that men’s Central is probably even more dangerous than most prisons in the United States.
Located in the heart of Los Angeles, through this prison to pass all sections of society, some of its inmates never leave. How bad is it? Well, in 2016, the Los Angeles County Sheriff named Lee Baca had to resign due to the fact that there were too many beatings of detainees at the hands of guards. The undersheriff, Paul Tanaka, recently went to jail for concealing the awful violence in prison.

1. State penitentiary United States (ADX) Florence, Fremont County, Colorado

Как устроены самые опасные тюрьмы США. Фото

Have you ever wondered where the United States kept the guy who was convicted of planning the September 11 attacks? In the prison of Florence. And the leaders of the Aryan Brotherhood? Boston bombardirovshik? The head of the Mexican mafia? A double agent who sold secrets to the Russians? Florence. This list has no end. There sit the worst of the worst in the criminal world. Some of them are unbalanced, terrifying, psychopaths, which has taken its place in recent history. Probably are not enough psychiatrists in the world to understand why these people decided to do what they did, killing completely innocent people. All these people live under one roof.

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