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How do you lose fuel or “bump” on fine with the trip to Poland

Как можно потерять топливо или "нарваться" на штраф при поездке в ПольшуWhy poles can make to drain the tank.

When crossing the Polish border can now force you to drain the fuel and to pay a fine for the extra liters because now in the neighboring country has imposed restrictions on the import of fuel in the tank of the car. Such restrictions will affect only those who cross with a full tank the border more often than once in three days or 10 times per month.

In an effort to protect their own interests, the Polish authorities limited the possibility of smuggling, which sometimes are addicted to carriers. According to journalist Eugene Plinsky on his page in Facebook, the poles noticed that I was losing $ 1 billion to excise from the fact that some shuttles sidestep their border filling. And now for the past two months they prohibit often cross the border into Poland cars from Ukraine with a full tank of fuel is drained, check the balance and impose penalty in case of discrepancy between standards.

“Well done. About the state think. All poles have trouble with control. And system 72 hours of entry of people electronically entered, and liters are in control…All for the sake of money and everything turns them. And we? We literally held the Polish border regions, which became the transshipment of contraband and stuff in Ukraine and the pump for the pumping of “cache” from the country. In addition, our customs and GFS instead of to control the importation of illegal goods collects the bribe, invents stories about the impossibility of control 72/24 hours, etc.” – said the journalist.

The fine is 54 PLN (416 UAH) per 20 liters of extra fuel, as noticed by the carriers themselves.

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