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How different animals sleep. Photo

Как спят разные животные. ФотоEach species has its own rules.

What animal falls asleep for a minute? Who is able to make long flights in a dream? And how a giraffe can go a week without sleep? By the way, who doesn’t sleep at all.


Как спят разные животные. Фото

Hippos significant portion of time in the water. They often sleep or in the shallows, holding the top of the head, or completely submerged in water. In the second case, hippos reflex, not waking up, float to the surface approximately every 4 minutes and make breath.


Как спят разные животные. Фото

The dolphins need to breathe atmospheric oxygen, they would have to emerge for the next portion of air. To provide such breathing during sleep, the brain hemispheres of a Dolphin sleep at a time.


Как спят разные животные. Фото

Storks in flight able from time to time to fall asleep, not falling to the ground. Such a dream can last up to ten minutes. A tired stork moves to the center of the jamb, closes his eyes and sleep, but to keep the direction and altitude at this time, it helps the hearing.


Как спят разные животные. Фото

Also the Albatross is able to sleep during the flight. The ability to sleep during the flight, bird watchers said do Swifts and dark terns.

When there is no time to sleep

Как спят разные животные. Фото

Some animals just don’t have enough time to sleep. These include mayflies. They are distributed around the globe, in addition to the Hawaiian Islands and Saint Helena. Members of the order of mayflies live from a few hours to several days. An adult is now only for procreation.


Как спят разные животные. Фото

The body of the shark is created in such a way that it needed to be in motion. They have no swim bladder, available in almost all the remaining fishes, who “keeps” fish body. The shark, when it stops to move its tail and fins, then goes to the bottom. For this reason, sharks don’t have time to sleep.


Как спят разные животные. Фото

The giraffe requires per day about 2 hours of sleep, but if necessary, these animals are able to do without a full sleep. In such periods, giraffes can doze off for 10 minutes.


Как спят разные животные. Фото

It is believed that ants never sleep, but in fact it is not. It was found that the ants are still sleeping, although sleep duration does not exceed 2 minutes.

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