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How deeply fell Ukraine: whether Zelensky to raise the country from the bottom

Как глубоко упала Украина: сможет ли Зеленский поднять страну со дна

The Russian foreign Ministry commented on the situation in Ukraine after the change of President, and news for the residents of the country was not the best. As it turned out, the new government did not affect the improvement of the situation on the front line in the Donbas and to subdue the violence of neo-Nazis.

Despite the fact that progress in the talks in Minsk really is, at the moment it does not improve the situation. Kiev is still unwilling to make direct contact with the Lugansk and Donetsk, although this is stipulated in the Minsk agreements. And the locals meanwhile continue to suffer from the fire.

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In addition to the evaluation taking place, the foreign Ministry urges the international partners to persuade Ukraine to the path of direct dialogue and not intimidation military equipment of the United States. However, Donbass is not the only weak spot of the country.

The situation with neo-Nazis too, does not change – the radicals thrive on the Ukrainian land, continuing to vandalize. For example, recently they destroyed monument to Marshal Zhukov. This is against the backdrop of a monument to Roman Shukhevych, who tarnished his name by Association with the Nazis and incredible atrocities against the civilian population.

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Poland and Israel have already indignant about this and to Express their urgent protests that not a bit surprising. So it only remains to hope that a change of government will help to eliminate dangerous “fashion” on the deification of the Nazis, nationalists, fascists and other radicals.


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