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How dangerous the lack of clean water in the body

Чем опасна нехватка чистой воды в организмеDoctors and researchers have proved that people who drink enough pure water, higher the chances to gain weight.

People who drink about 10 glasses of pure water or mineral water throughout the day is much slimmer and fitter than those who are accustomed to replace this amount of sodas, tea or coffee, juices, reported by doctor Victoria Savitskaya.

In addition, water lovers, as a rule, higher performance and endurance.

“The more clean water we drink – the faster our metabolism, the metabolism and faster the cleansing from harmful compounds and toxins that enter our body through food and poor quality water. Many ladies mistakenly are trying to reduce the number of drinks their fluids, believing that this leads to edema. It is actually the opposite – it is the lack of fluid leads to swelling, as the body that is already starved with thirst, trying to keep something in reserve.

Drinking during the day is recommended only pure water, preferably mineral, with lemon. Also positively on the organism, metabolism and weight is affected by green tea, drink it, without sugar,” – said the expert.

In order for cells is maximally saturated with moisture and the necessary micronutrients, it is necessary to include in your menu more fruits and vegetables, which are also a lot of water.

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