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How can affect the body’s rejection of sugars

Как может повлиять на организм отказ от сахараTo abandon the sweet of the product is very, very difficult.

Sugar have about two hundred calories per day, which is not only with coffee or tea. Sugar is part of many yogurts, sauces and salads.

However, it is worth thinking about the metamorphosis, waiting for the body in case of refusal of sugar.


According to researchers, sugar increases the risk of death from cardiovascular disease. In case of refusal of the product in a few weeks in the blood significantly lower the cholesterol (10%) and triglyceride (30%)


Sugar increases inflammation. If you increase the use of this sweet product at 2 scoops, then after three weeks, the intensity of the inflammation of acne will increase by 87%. And in case of failure of the sugar to save on the stake and on the skin.

The prospect of diabetes

To prevent the development of diabetes, doctors recommend getting the required amount of energy from protein.


Sugar negatively affects not only the teeth. Despite the fact that it increases the mood and gives you energy, but after the expiration of sugar, the amount of energy and mood drops below the initial level.

Women who adhere to the “sugar” diets are prone to more severe anxiety.


Upon cancellation of the consumption of sugar lost the feeling of sleepiness and increase productivity.


According to studies, that sugar is to blame for the deterioration of memory and learning, as the sugar interferes with communication between brain cells.


Abandoning the sugar, reduce the overall amount of calories consumed per day. According to scientists this will allow you to lose weight approximately 4.5 kg in 5-6 months.

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