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How are “Alien: Testament” and “Prometheus”? Spoilers!

At a recent event from the theater owners CinemaCon 2017 showed the footage of the “Dark tower” trailer “blade Runner 2049”, announced the name change to “the curse of Annabelle 2”, and generally, in short, was fun. Well, among other things, the film company 20th Century Fox presented at the Convention an excerpt from the film “Alien: Covenant”.

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We all understand that “Alien: the Covenant” is the sequel of”Prometheus”, but it is not a direct continuation of the story from the moment at which it ended in the previous film. Here we have a new ship, new team, even Fassbender ‘s new ride. And these new heroes land on the planet with religious resort called “Paradise”, where they will be greeted by our old friend — the Android David. What happened to Elizabeth Shaw, the heroine of the actress noomi Rapace? Met with Engineers, Creators, do not waste your time to call them to account? They say, Hey, well guys do that, guys?

So, it turns out, are shown at cinema Con video part sheds light on these questions. The lucky ones who visited the show, tell you the following:

Spoiler alert!

Elizabeth and Android David flew to the planet of the Creators, and are now going to start a new life. However, David believes that the human race is too weak and not worthy of the chance offered to him by the Creators. Android knocks a container of black liquid from the movie “Prometheus” destroying the Creators.

Well, that is to say, rational David did not. However, he immediately showed himself as a curious mad scientist, so nothing surprising. So, it turns out that the team “Testament” arrives at the planet after the death of its inhabitants (and apparently, after Elizabeth’s death), and it is unlikely all this time David went to a shrink, so he must have made it worse.

Not sure that I was satisfied with this explanation of events, but let’s wait for the movie itself. Fortunately, there is less time, and “Alien: Testament” will appear in front of us is 18 may 2017. And while you can see three fresh VIDOS to film. It showed cute Nepomorpha! Wiiii!

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