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“Housewife” got a new poster

For the first time the horror film “the Housewife” (the Housewife) was presented to a respectable audience at the beginning of September this year in the framework of the French festival L’étrange. Severoamerikanskih on the eve of the premiere, the creators have rolled out a new poster that is not a sin to add to the collection already seen before. Cute pictures are always good, they set up the viewer in the mood.

Recall synopsis:

Holly’s childhood was a nightmare: in the seven years she became a witness of how a mother kills her sister and father. Twenty years later, painful memories still plagued by the woman. An unexpected reunion with an old friend further complicates the situation, and Holly falls into a strange group, resembling a cult. Group members follow a famous psychic who shows special feelings for Holly. And her worst nightmares become stunningly real.

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Took a picture of the Turks Kang Mrinalknown in horror circles for the film “the Key from hell.” “Housewife” – English-language debut of Aureola. And if you believe the trailer, it turned out he had something really interesting and stylish. Not in vain in the West are already comparisons with Cronenberg, Argento and Barker. Darkness, blood and sex is what we love.

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To write a script to Aureole helped Than Sugurualso worked on “the Key from hell.” Of caste is possible to distinguish Clementine Poidatz (“Lockdown” series “Mars”), Ali Accesa (TV’s “Rush”) and David Sakura (series “Lillehammer” and “Iron fist”).

“Housewife” has yet to visit several festivals scheduled to release at FrightFest, but to meet her in domestic theaters is not count.

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