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House maze in the Russian part of the movie WINCHESTER

This project caught our attention for a long time. Though this is another story about the haunted house, too, but the colorful little house, and the background he had in reality more than amusing.

We have already walked through this mansion of Winchester, listen to an atmospheric soundtrack, and got acquainted with the history of the house, arranged a raffle tickets, a colleague Kryventsov have even labored with reviews. Meanwhile, the Russian premiere will take place on 5 April, i.e. a week.

Distributor “Volga” for the premiere posted

“Winchester. The house that ghosts built” (Winchester: The House that Ghosts Built) tells this:

In the center of the story — a wealthy widow Sarah Winchester, who is convinced that it pursued the souls of the people killed from the famous weapon, invented by the father of her deceased husband. All the time and money she spends on the construction of the mansion to defend himself from ghosts. But when Eric Price, a skeptical psychiatrist from San Francisco, goes to the estate to assess her mental state, he discovers that her obsession may prove to be not so crazy…

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