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“Hounds of love”: do Not let yourself be tamed (REVIEW)

Drawing attention to this curious Australian Thriller back in March of this year, I realized that felt him I might like, but you’ll squeeze all the juice out of the soul. Well, not squeezed dry but was close.

Hard to believe that “Hounds of love” is a feature debut for Director and screenwriter Ben young. Too Mature it seems like the story itself and the production. At first, you may decide that before us is another movie about how a psychopath catches and tortures the girl in her basement, then she escapes and cruel revenge on the offender, but no platitudes will not be here. Well, almost.

Let’s start with the fact that the two villains. Stephen Kerry with these his moustache and foppish styling could play a handsome hussar. Apparently, his character of John’s own appearance is a serious thing. Long as he can look himself in the mirror, tidy, fastidious. It may seem strange that man, so afraid to get dirty, in my spare time sheds another’s blood. The General Director clearly hints that the violence this guy is just a way to emphasize their masculinity, to feel the power of a true male, which he is actually deprived of in everyday life.

Couple Kerry is Emma Booth, you can know the horror film “blood Creek”. Thirty-five model plays here the weak, the dependent, not old, but aging woman. She’ll do anything to keep a man around, and spit that you have to lure the girls into the house. Evie dreams of a real family, wants to take away their children from ex-husband, and John openly uses it. Do not hesitate, click on its weak points in order to keep under control. So in the end in the power of this little creepy and at the same time, a pathetic tyrant is just two women.

Ashleigh Cummings plays a girl named Vicki. Parents split up, problems at school, but the father fills up the gifts, and the only problem is the mom who needs to see twice a week. Vicky blames her for the divorce, he considers a traitor and doesn’t understand why she suddenly wanted freedom. Here are just a heroine very soon to clarify and fully feel what it means to be in captivity.

As you can see, each of the main characters has its own background, its own drama. This is what the film narrates. About the monsters, victims and heroes, hidden in ordinary at first glance, people who live in your neighborhood. Sometimes they make a noise and you go to him to swear, but have no idea what’s going on behind the door of their home.

“Hounds of love” — a cruel movie, but the gesture never comes to the fore. You won’t see here meat and porn, tension knob smoothly twisted to the limit, but most often when it comes to violence, the merciful the Director turns the camera the other way.

However, the cry I hear all you still have.

So here is blood, there are abrasions from handcuffs, bruises on the face and stab wounds. Not focusing, not savoring it all, Ben young nevertheless nothing embellishes. I think he’s trying to dissect the relationship between a man and a woman, a relationship built on the power of the male. It turns out creepy, but surprisingly realistic. We see not only how it works but also understand why it is necessary for each of the participants.

And at what here dogs? I’m talking about those that in the name of the movie. It turns out that everything is simple and intuitive. John gives Evie a big dog, so that she babied him, not thinking about the children. The wiki says the following:

My dad just gave me a puppy. Think that dogs train us, not Vice versa.

Judging from what we see the father of the Wiki is not a bad guy, but he uses essentially the same methods as the psycho John. Moreover, all blame mother Vicki because she ruined a family, and if you think it is a very traditional view of things. We very often put the interests of the family or of society above the interests of the individual, but we are not bad. Right? And only when the shackles materialists, and the violence becomes physical, then we can confidently say: this is bad. To show all this, bin Yang draws a parallel between everyday family drama and capture of Vicki at the house of John. In fact, the Wiki is also one of those hounds of love, which are designed to catch and bind the victim.

I won’t say how it will end. Of course, I won’t. But as I thought, the final picture too, and it does not fit well with the emphasis on realism that is felt throughout the story. Probably, the Director was a little simple statements that he wanted to inspire the audience. Well, I guess it works, but somehow I sense strongly affected “Gerald’s Game”, which uses the same metaphor with the handcuffs. As I wrote in the review, I hope that the movie Mike Flanagan is a future classic, because this movie can be reviewed at any time. But to review “Hounds of love” I probably won’t. For the same reason, why so long did not dare to look at the first time. If Flanagan, rushing, forcing the characters to entertain us, and does not allow the audience to feel the loneliness of the heroine and the hopelessness of her situation, the young one is not going to entertain. With all the tin it is beautiful movie, cinematographer Michael McDermott perfectly ordered all of the features (panoramic photography in slowmo is a tremendous boon!), however, the ruffled nerves too powerful to repeat a similar experience in the near future. Due to a slight dissatisfaction with the ending I now half a score, but you know, it’s better than the same “Game Gerald”.

Confident direction, a synthesis of old and new ideas about violence and human relations, strong visual style, attention to detail, the tension, great game all key actors. Stephen and Kerry, who I knew previously only as a comedian, opened with a completely new way, giving us a very cool, disgusting, but interesting and, worst of all, completely realistic image of the villain. And Emma Booth, and her pathetic, jealous, dangerous, obedient “Queen Evie”? We necessarily empathize with this character, but to justify it will not work. Well, for Joy Division to the Director.

In short, the “Hounds of love” is another beautiful film about terrible things, including those cases where horrible things have become habitual.

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