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Hot tubs: burn calories and prolong life

Горячие ванны: сжигают калории и продлевают жизньThe modern pace of life is such that we have to do everything very quickly.

What could be better than completing a day’s work by taking a hot bath? Perhaps a hot bath by candlelight and with the addition of your favorite essential oil.

This procedure not only pleasant but also very useful, so it is especially worthy to be in our schedule at least once a week.

Relaxes muscles
20 minutes of lying in warm water can relieve sore muscles (including delayed onset muscle soreness), remove the hypertonus and also increase flexibility of joints and elasticity of muscles. This is especially useful after strenuous exercise.

Normalizes blood circulation
Taking a warm bath, the body accelerates blood circulation, the cells receive more oxygen, improving blood flow to the extremities, which is especially important during prolonged work at the computer.

Helps to lose weight
During a half-hour reception a hot bath, the body burns about 126 calories is to replace 30 minutes of training on the bike. It’s all in the process of thermoregulation that the body spends a lot of energy.

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Improves functioning of the immune system
Receiving a hot bath improves the vascular and lymphatic system. Because of this, they produce a greater number of immune cells, which helps to cope with viruses and infections.

Trains light
Being neck-deep in water, the body automatically triggers the reflex, the lungs begin to work harder, breathing becomes deeper, and the interval between inhales and exhales is reduced. This increases the useful volume of the lungs, which increases the access of oxygen to the body.

Struggling with stress
Taking a bath for 40-60 minutes, you can get rid of the negative impact of stress and dark thoughts and feelings. This procedure lowers the level of stress hormones cortisol and chromogranin, making the nervous system relaxed.

It helps me sleep
Because of all that relaxing effect on the nervous system hot tub helps the body prepare for sleep. So in the evening, especially after an eventful day, prepare a bath and add lavender oil. After a 30-minute procedure, you will be provided with good and restful sleep.

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Relieves depression
Scientists have proved that water treatments, namely, acceptance a bath helps produce hormones of joy – endorphins. They help to cope with the symptoms that accompany depression – lethargy, depression, anxiety and others.

Cleanses the body
Being in hot water is intensively working process of thermoregulation, so the body sweats heavily. And with then are excreted from the body various toxic substances it is toxins. The bath can be called a potent detox procedure.

Improves skin condition
Bath can replace many cleaning procedures, including the peelings. In hot water the pores open and from them come the remnants of sebum and dirt. In addition, dead skin cells, which obscure the true radiance of the skin, resistant and easily removed with a sponge or towel.

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