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Hot flashes at menopause: treatment of folk remedies

Приливы при климаксе: лечение народными средствамиHot flashes during menopause – the most unpleasant symptom of menopause.

Menopause is a natural state of organism of women entering adulthood.

Hormonal changes occurs in some cases unnoticed, but the most common symptoms of menopause, especially hot flashes, is so annoying the woman that she has to look for ways they can reduce or eliminate.

Drugs that recommended by doctors contain hormones, possessing a long list of contraindications, so the tides during menopause treatment folk remedies is the most appropriate and harmless.

The main methods of elimination of tides

Among experienced physicians are of the opinion that hormones should not be used in menopause, so as not to violate the natural process of adjustment of the organism. But quite often patients complain of hot flashes, interfering with work and disrupts the normal sleep, and other symptoms of menopause: sweating, headaches and wanton tachycardia.

Even in strong tides during menopause treatment without hormone, synthesized in the conditions of pharmaceutical production, perhaps with the help of phytotherapy, receiving special food containing phytoestrogens, and also homeopathy – the most effective method.

Folk remedies used for eliminating heat, proven over decades and help when used properly.

Herbal medicine

Herbs in menopause when tides are very long. Herbal medicine is one of the oldest methods, which has a powerful healing effect when used correctly. Herbal teas, decoctions and juice of the fresh plant contain huge amounts of biologically active substances that have the ability to rejuvenate the body, regulate processes in the reproductive system of women.

Oregano – its the infusion is used for normalization of sleep, return sanity and reduce the number of tides. Considered a female herb that stimulates contractions of the uterus and intestines, restoring normal metabolism. Drinking tea out of oregano three times a day, completely replacing her tea or coffee.

St. John’s wort – contains a large number of substances that strengthen the vascular walls, stimulating hematopoiesis. Beneficial effects on the digestive organs, increases the secretion of bile. St. John’s wort is recommended during menopause, as a powerful restorative remedy that helps to stabilize the autonomic nervous system and the body’s response to hormonal restructuring is less rapid. Take the infusion of St. John’s wort three times a day, half an hour before meals.

A decoction of sage in menopause and tides both took women in Russian villages in the past and are in present time. This plant is considered the best way to normalize the condition of an organism at various imbalances in the hormonal sphere in women. The decoction contains linoleic acid and flavonoids, rejuvenating the body.

The hawthorn, or more precisely, its dry fruit, is also used to relieve symptoms of menopause. Especially good this plant operates with frequent hot flashes and heart palpitations. Cook the fruit with boiling water and insist, then take twice daily as a tea.

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In addition to the herbs that are used exclusively for separately, doctors advise to accept the charges of medicinal plants, complementing the natural healing effects of each other.

The collection, consisting of BlackBerry leaves, hawthorn flowers, marsh cottonweed, motherwort and sweet Woodruff, taken in equal proportions, allows you to regain composure and cheerfulness even in severe menopause. Within ten days of receiving the broth, the woman feels much better.

Medicinal tea made from BlackBerry leaves, thyme and lemon balm, which is brewed in equal proportions, can be drunk several times a day. This collection has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, eliminates hot flashes and improves sleep after the first day of admission.

Folk remedies in menopause from the tides are used not only to eliminate this symptom, but also to improve the General condition of the nervous system.

Rowan tincture – ancient remedy used for the treatment of hot flashes. A glass of fresh ash pour a glass of vodka and insist in the refrigerator for a month. Take a teaspoon at night.

Fresh honey mixed with fresh beet juice in equal proportions. Stored in the refrigerator, take a tablespoon three times a day after meals. This is the best remedy to relieve the symptoms of menopause, can improve the endocrine system.

Pollen that is used as a powerful, biologically active agents, is used for rejuvenation of the body return the reproductive functions, growth, the level of natural estrogen.

Tincture of shiitake mushroom is used to reduce the symptoms of menopause. The main active substance of the fungus is pengastulan that the composition is similar to estrogen produced by a woman’s body. To prepare the tincture, take five grams of dry mushroom pour glasses of vodka and insist for two weeks in the refrigerator. Take a tablespoon three Reese’s day. For those who can not tolerate alcohol, you can prepare an infusion with oil.

Tincture of hop cones with vodka – another effective remedy to resolve the tides. Twenty grams of hop cones pour a glass of vodka and insist week. Take five drops in a spoonful of water, twice a day.

Homeopathic medicines

Homeopathy is that the make necessary if the symptoms of menopause is bad enough. The advantage of homeopathic treatment is its safety and complete lack of side effects. In homeopathy uses only small doses of medicinal substances.

In sale there are ready forms of complex homeopathic medicines, in tablets or drops, and can also be purchased monotherapies in special homeopathic pharmacies. To select single-agent preparation or need medical help, but the effect they have is much higher.


So how to reduce hot flashes possible with the help of certain foods, women in the menopausal age have to eat:

Celery is a champion of the content of useful substances;
Soy products;
Flax seeds and sunflower seeds;
Sprouted grain oats, rye, wheat;
The dates are at least six pieces a day;
Nuts, especially almonds and pine;
Apples, grapes, pomegranates;
Any vegetable oil is cold pressed.

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The advice of doctors to change the usual diet are not only in the introduction in the diet of foods with phytoestrogens. It is advisable to avoid eating any stimulating food, such as coffee and alcohol, strong black tea.

So how to ease symptoms of menopause is possible, simply by eliminating precipitating factors, it is advisable to fully unload during this period the digestive system. Improving liver function and elimination of excessive load on it can be achieved by excluding from the daily menu: fried and fatty foods; hot spices; sweets (sugar and chocolate are often the cause of migraine); rich broth.

A large part of the diet should be leafy and seasonal vegetables, berries and fruits. Boiled meat and oily saltwater fish will give us strength and dairy products will improve digestion. It is necessary to reduce the total caloric intake.


Many women experiencing the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause, don’t know how to experience, feel unneeded, old.

Its influence on the emotional state of estrogen deficiency, and this can be combated in all possible ways.

In addition to herbal remedies and nutrition, with the tides you can handle simple methods based on the physiological reactions of the organism.

These harmless methods will help imperceptibly through the transition period:

A cool room helps to reduce the frequency of hot flashes.

At high tide it is necessary to make a few SIPS of ice water.

Contrast baths for the feet before bed will help to spend the night normally.

Breathing exercises are very effective at menopause.

Cold shower in the morning and Jogging will help to cope with the tides.

Sucking on biscuit or piece of dried fruit reduces the frequency of hot flashes.

For good sleep go to sleep before eleven at night, as the tides are often annoying after three hours in the morning.

Move more, exercise, start to learn diaphragmatic breathing.

Menopause can occur not only after fifty years, more than twenty percent of women experience the first symptoms after forty. Many women is taken aback, but the advice of a competent doctor helps to cope with anxiety and panic.

Self-treatment of hot flashes and other symptoms of hormonal changes to reduce their frequency and to restore the level of estrogen. According to the studies of blood of patients of Mature age, are on hormone replacement therapy the estrogen level on average equal to 500. Exactly the same level of estrogen is possible to achieve in three months of application of homeopathic medicines and treatment folk remedies. This means that you can achieve normal flow of menopause without resorting to synthetic hormones.

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