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Hostages “patriotism” Asgardia and Cossacks simulated capture students

Заложники "патриотизма" Росгвардия и казаки сымитировали захват школьников

Hostages “patriotism”

Regardie and Cossacks faked the seizure of schoolchildren .Relatives of the victims in Beslan excuse not to do it

In the village near Yekaterinburg Shuvakish fighters of Regardie and members of the movement “Kazachiy Dozor” held quest for 300 people, entitled “Our town”. The event, according to the application, was to contribute to “the education of young patriots.” One of the highlights was a five-minute re-enactment of the taking of hostages, which were made by the students. She was devoted to the Beslan tragedy.
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The scene played like this: first dozen terrorists, shooting bursts into the air, being captured four students. Then two prisoners at gunpoint (one while holding the neck) is output to the negotiators. Terrorists threaten to kill the boys, if the MVD does not provide them with a car. Those who agree, but as soon as the fighters approach the car — they were fired. To the aid of their run out the remaining terrorists, but they were immediately machine guns “puts” special forces.

Dramatization looks dramatic, but at the same time — hard. The characters are slow. From the murder by special forces of the first terrorist before the murder, the second is 26 seconds, with some time, a terrorist with a hostage and do is to SWAT back. But in the course of the operation flow spilling threats and used the phrase in the spirit of “Come with me, Russian!”.

Psychological atmosphere that prevailed during the hostage-taking, the students likely felt. But to understand hardly.

In social networks people rated the performance critically.

“To beat tragedy, as in the theater… what is patriotism,” writes Yekaterinburg Vadim Shulman.

“Beslan is not the best story of the Russian special forces” — echoes the user novel Galyamov.

Ambiguous appreciated the staging and the relatives of the former Beslan hostages.

— I still don’t think that there was just a dramatization of our tragedy, — says the Chairman of the organization “Mothers of Beslan” Susanna Dudieva. — Such performances can be necessary and useful. But only if the children because they know how to act if, God forbid, they were taken hostage.

— It pains me to hear that this re-enactment was. Of course, we should talk about the Beslan tragedy, it is impossible to forget her… But to carry out experiments… I’m against. The more involved in these experiments children. It is in any case a psychological trauma for them, — said Emma tagayeva, who lost in the tragedy in Beslan husband and two sons.

According to psychologist Nana Hovhannisyan, in the preparation of such productions should find an individual approach to children.

— Certainly, the participation of children in such performances can affect their psyche, says psychologist Nana Hovhannisyan. — There is children are very impressionable, and for them it can be a serious stress. If such events are held with a minor, you must first obtain the permission to conduct from their parents, while providing a full plan of activities and expected results. If the event with the students of one school, then you need to coordinate it with the psycho-social service of the school for approval of format and discuss the possibility of participation of sensitive children.

According to Nana Hovhannisyan, children to such events should be carefully prepared.

— Figuratively speaking, “the five minute performances require five hours of training.” But perhaps the most important is to reflect on the statement and get feedback from children in the form of collective discussion, essays in a free form. Never forget that many of the participants of the tragedy are still alive to be hurt their feelings.

Nana Hovhannisyan agrees her colleague, the doctor of psychological Sciences Dmitry Leontiev.

Seen reminds me of a scene from the film “election Day-2”, where the feast to the children’s camp comes to a military unit. Soldiers, to amuse the children, arrange a demonstration fight with special moves. The result — the children are crying, they are afraid and disgusted, he says. Here the situation is even worse, because in the film, children at least not involved in “representation”. Here involve. Security forces in this case to assert themselves, use children as expendable. I specifically looked into the criminal code. There is article 119 “Threat by murder or causing of heavy harm to health”. In my opinion, this performance can be considered a threat of murder or bodily injury. Therefore, a direct answer to the question of whether such a performance have a negative impact on the psychological health of children, of course. Of course, much depends on the individual students, but for people with a weak nervous system in this five-minute performance may well be enough to get injured for life.

In addition, according to Leontiev, such an approach can have the effect opposite to the expected: instead of Patriotic feelings in children may appear disgust and fear of the security forces.

The event organizers, the movement “Kazachiy Dozor”, criticism is not agree.

— We have not had reconstruction of the Beslan tragedy. It was a demonstration performance of special forces with the release of the hostages. The event was timed to the Day of memory of victims of Beslan, because Beslan is our pain, — said the “New” press Secretary “Cossack patrol” Vladimir Kozyrev. — We showed the children how the special forces during the liberation of the hostages. And as far as talking about staging the Beslan tragedy, this is the Internet, some unscrupulous people from idleness began to write.

“We are an organization, which is engaged in the education of youth in the framework of state policy.”

— (continued) And, accordingly, do everything to our children properly presented to our history and the role of power structures in the protection of our country from external and internal threats.

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