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Host of “Silver rain” said the wife drove him to attempt suicide

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At the end of November leading radio station “Silver rain” Alexander Bunin tried to commit suicide during a live broadcast Facebook.


Bunin decided to tell your friends about your family troubles, but nobody could assume that the conversation will be short and end in a suicide attempt. Those who saw the broadcast said that Bunin was trying to hang himself but the rope broke.



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To attempt suicide Bunin brought his young 21-year-old wife Arina Lapikova, which gave birth to radio host daughter. The couple quarreled before the accident. Bunin said Life.ru about how he decided to commit suicide: “Arina went to America to work, although she has a normal tourist visa. She has no right to work in the United States. But in the end the birthday, which gave my wife that turned into a nightmare. These days in new York she said she wanted to leave me. The next day after the birthday, she announced that finally decided to divorce. However, she knew exactly what would happen if she would do it. Collecting my things in the hotel room, Arina said: “I don’t want it in my eyes”. And left.”

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As you know, Alexander was found by police in his hotel room. Bunin said that happened to him after a suicide attempt: “I Woke up in the ambulance when the doctors hit me in the chest. The first thing I felt a wild pain in the neck. I was taken to a psychiatric clinic. Nothing to do with the mental hospitals of the American films it is not — it’s much worse. I tried to explain that it was a moment of weakness that I was a normal, healthy person. But my words no one paid attention. I was not allowed clothing and personal hygiene products, I couldn’t sleep because of a blinding light in the room. The nurses always had to see what was happening in the room.

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Bunin spent a few days in the hospital, and after communication with the Russian Consulate he was able to “escape”. Alexander’s daughter while living with my wife’s parents who don’t want to give her granddaughter for the education of the father.

At the airport waiting for boarding the plane, Alexander shared with your friends on Facebook: “Well, you understand, right? As usual, again I’m flying somewhere. It was the most mu*atskaya and instructive for me, a trip. Good-bye America!” (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.)

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