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“Hospitals are closing, schools are cutting, and on TV say — all good”

«Больницы закрывают, школы сокращают, а по телевизору говорят — все хорошо»

As a small country, Yeltsin voted for the change of the Yeltsin Constitution. Report

Russia has replaced “Yeltsin” Constitution of 1993 on “Putin’s” 2020. Although the Foundation document is the same, it is a reason to say that the government is trying to finally turn the page and trim present-day Russia from the Russia of the Yeltsin era. July 1, in the main and final day of voting on amendments to the Constitution, correspondents went to the home of the first President of the Russian Federation, in the remote village of Butka in Sverdlovsk. Went to see how their fellow countrymen perceive what is happening and whether or not they were to protect the legacy of the Yeltsin era.

The village of Butka, Talitsky now applies to the urban district of the Sverdlovsk region. It is located 250 kilometers to the East from Yekaterinburg, near the border with Kurgan oblast. During tsarist Russia, it was the edge Kerzhakov-conservatives. The fortress here was not spawn, and the land was owned by peasants. Therefore, the revolution and the Soviet government met here, to put it mildly, ambiguous. Accordingly, the percentage of the dispossessed here was very large. In their number fell and the rod Yeltsin.

«Больницы закрывают, школы сокращают, а по телевизору говорят — все хорошо»Buccaneer Novels /

Sam Boris, according to the parish books, was born in Butka February 1, 1931. Many local residents tend to believe his parents came from the neighboring village Basmanovskoye. However, Yeltsin spent the first three years it was in the phone booth. After 15 years here he returned to his parents — Nikolai Ignatievich and Claudia V. Yeltsin. Their house in the lane was Short still belongs to a distant cousin — Victor Botanio.

«Больницы закрывают, школы сокращают, а по телевизору говорят — все хорошо»Jaromir Novels /

It just so happened that the vote on amendments to the Yeltsin Constitution in the village of Butka passed on the street Yeltsin. It under the third number is the local cultural center, which housed a polling station № 942, where the assigned residents of two villages — the village of Butka and the neighboring village of Nepeina.

July 1, the first voter at precinct No. 942 went to his opening at exactly 8:00. It was a neatly dressed middle-aged man. He attended together with the members of the electoral Commission of the Russian national anthem, received a ballot and went to vote. “The turnout for the previous days have amounted to 59%. Only at this polling station was about 1700 voters. All days approximately there were equal number of people — 150-200 people,” — told reporters Chairman of the electoral Commission Natalia Nepeina.

«Больницы закрывают, школы сокращают, а по телевизору говорят — все хорошо»Jaromir Novels /

In ordinary life, this woman runs the local pharmacy, but for the past week as commanded by ballot. Said that members of the electoral Commission already rather tired. Now under discussion at the level of the CEC the idea to extend the practice of multi-day voting in other elections it is still no enthusiasm.

According to Hope Naeini, budinca a week of voting on amendments is quite “actively demonstrate their civic position”. Plus was organized house-to-house. However, a significant increase in turnout it’s still not a given — it’s mostly “constantly voting population.” In the first ranks of the retired. Special item statistics — “first time voters”, their in the phone booth had accumulated in this time 14 people. “To say that much happy mood — this is not” — said the interviewee.

According to Naeini, any regret that the law of the Constitution, created with the direct participation of their countrymen, and the voters of this phone booth is not expressed. My own opinion on this matter it did not disclose. “More talking about the fact that there was little opportunity for consultation [with revisions]. Any channel on the TV could have one or two amendments to tell people what they mean. It is clear that the Internet is the website “Конституция2020.RF“, but not everyone has the same Internet. Especially pensioners”, — said the Chairman of the PEC № 942.

«Больницы закрывают, школы сокращают, а по телевизору говорят — все хорошо»

The part of the villagers, as it turned out, had refrained from visiting the polling station for fear of Contracting coronavirus. The outbreak of this infection in the phone booth was. As an employee of the rural Council Svetlana Potanina, the carrier COVID-19 was a local resident who went to work in shifts in Moscow. In addition to his infection revealed another two women. One of them continues to stay in the hospital Dry Ravine.

“Under Yeltsin, began to slaughter cows. Under Putin their finished”

The first retired, met on the street near the polling place, said that he fully endorses the current edit of the Constitution and it does not bother that the adjustment has been the brainchild of fellow countryman Boris Yeltsin. “It is good we are happy. Have the children go on” she said and hurried to the store “Magnet”, located on the other side of the road from the polling station. “Cost to change, but as it was not worth something? We had amendments to do!”, — supported the position of another voter, 55-the summer security guard Yury Zagoskin. No amendment he memory could not lead. From the question of what amendments he considers himself, the interlocutor escaped with a one-word answer: “On medicine”.

«Больницы закрывают, школы сокращают, а по телевизору говорят — все хорошо»Jaromir Novels /

Another interviewee, a 60-year-old Hope, explicitly stated that the amendment she read — “no, we were not given them.” “To us [home] came in, just put “Yes” and all”, she added. And expressed strong confidence that after this vote, “all life will become easier”. She hopes to Supplement future pension. That Yeltsin changed the Constitution in the Hope, as the previous interlocutors, does not regret: “He is against us. Neither collective farms nor state farms did not. And now even the traders are, the people a little bit have a place to work”. The income of this woman is now 9 thousand rubles a month, and she admits that this is not enough: “not Enough, because ill often become and medicines you need to buy. And my husband is also 10 thousand a penny gets. So in addition to the drugs, to live something else must be!”

“Probably change still had something,” said a middle-aged man who introduced himself as Alexander Yurievich. “All the people are for Putin! Of course, it is necessary that he remained President,” he added. But at this point in the conversation came his friend named Alex. Together, they also went shopping at “the Magnet”. “About the amendments… I think we have already decided everything. My opinion is,” said Alex. According to his confession, in the vote he did not participate, “even the desire is not there”. “All these amendments is simply nice words, candy wrappers, nothing. And they carry the same goal — to extend the terms of Putin,” — he continued to develop his idea.

«Больницы закрывают, школы сокращают, а по телевизору говорят — все хорошо»Jaromir Novels /

Within seconds, the friends began to argue animatedly. “My opinion is that under Putin a lot better than life was under Yeltsin. Though, because there are no coupons. And money at least some are. But Yeltsin simply was not impaired all instantly. There was here such families in the phone booth that feed ate. Even the bread was not the people. Cows began cutting mercilessly,” he stood up for Putin and Alexander Yu. “So when Putin said all [cows]. You look at the statistics! How many city-forming enterprises, and where are they now? I do not have them, you know?! There is a small business, and companies that really works on the country, no more. People work from private owners. Mostly forest all connected. Wages are only 14-15 thousand rubles. And for the money it is necessary to work without days off and checkpoints. So no improvement, I think. Just like life went on as usual, and goes,” retorted Alex.

In Soviet times one of the most famous enterprises of the village Butka was the local carpet factory. Closed it in the mid 2000-ies. The last major order the company received in 2001 from the apparatus of the state Duma of the Russian Federation. Butkinskaya masters was asked to weave a series of portraits of Vladimir Putin.

“Improve your health, and not the Constitution”

A bit further on the street Yeltsin was talking with another elderly woman. “We are for Putin! It is not that then I will be something?! You or I going to manage? I don’t see anyone smart another,” she said flatly. As it turned out, her name is Valentina Alekseevna. She, “like Putin”, in 1952. “He’s a dragon and I’m a dragon”, — not without pride, said the interviewee. At the polling station it is, by his own admission, went “on the first day, June 25”, and gave his vote in support of the amendments. “We live for this style. And if you vote against, then vote against themselves,” — said Valentina.

«Больницы закрывают, школы сокращают, а по телевизору говорят — все хорошо»Large enterprises remained here, somehow help to survive small business and budget uchrezhdeniyami Novels /

Now she is nostalgic of the 1970-ies, when she and her husband were able, working at the phone booth, to make a “cooperative apartment in Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk)”. Claim to power, of course, is — “promised lights, benches put up, and nothing to this day”. But this disorder being it with the rule of Vladimir Putin is not binding.

At this time, passing by us, the man of indeterminate age and occupation suddenly approached us with a request: “Give me 100 rubles? And then I’m hungover, my head is buzzing — I think nothing”. The theme of voting were absolutely indifferent to him. The main task at the moment is to find the money “to improve their health, and not the Constitution.”

“Putin is already too much sitting, he is like Brezhnev”

“The question is not whether to rule or not to rule the Constitution. The question now is about extending presidential terms. Yes, about pensioners, they added! But only about the stability of pensions. And why is it me this pension, if I’m up to it not to survive?”, — he stated a man in a military uniform with many medals on his chest. With him, we chatted, he returned to the polling station. It turned out to be Deputy Chairman of the local branch of the Union of veterans of Afghanistan Alexey Strakov.

He frankly admitted that what is happening is critical. But despite this, along with fellow veteran organization intends to participate in the vote. “You know, we were born in the Soviet Union, and in another no I can’t, I guess. Yes, and I was the Chairman of the electoral Commission for five consecutive years. And besides, we’ve got a good head of the rural Council [Svetlana] Kazakov. She asked me to come, that’s the number you need. And that’s what I’ll vote, that’s another matter,” added the veteran.

«Больницы закрывают, школы сокращают, а по телевизору говорят — все хорошо»Afghan Alexey Strakov much reverence to power ispytaniyami Novels /

No deference to the current regime have no Strakova. “FAPs (feldsher-midwife points) in the villages were closed. Butkinskaya the clinic moved to the hospital. All reduced, now all go to one place and pushing in queues. And here we have even a surgeon its not. Once a week from Talitsy arrives. Medication, too, is really not. Although, judging by the TV, we’re all fine and all is well. And schools what is happening? In Trehozerky (another neighbouring village — the school was closed, now Basmanovskoye carry. The teacher is not none” — lists of Strakov problems.

In his opinion, the degradation began “with Gorbachev”. “I am on the farm was working. So we to such an extent was besieged, that the salary of forage issued. Full butt was all farms fell. And it was here Butkinskaya sovkhoz, sovkhoz Smolinskiy, Kuibyshev, Trehozerky, “Bolshevik”, Walewski, Kataroski. No more no. Now only Walewski still somehow works, and at the expense of the farmer,” says Strakov. In the Butka, in his words, agriculture is now engaged only three farmers who started marketing their milk to the Association “Talitsky dairy farms”. But “weather they do not”. “In the phone booth now the work is more or less only in RES (electricity — Three sawmills are barely holding on. And besides, work is only in school but in stores. And then there are sellers for 15 hours work a day, and a salary of 4.5 thousand award Together with a maximum of 12 thousand roubles a month” — described the local economic and social situation of man.

«Больницы закрывают, школы сокращают, а по телевизору говорят — все хорошо»The watchman of the local school believes that Putin has “Brezhnev” time Mantaray Novels /

Another critical a local resident and a caretaker at the local school (it was built by the father of Boris Yeltsin) Rafiq Hisamutdinov. “I think all that is wrong. Putin is already too much sitting, he was like [Leonid] Brezhnev was. As they say, it stuck. I’m not against Putin. Not saying that it rules [bad]. But age already! You assume the position, get who you,” — said Hisamutdinov. He does not know who could be Putin’s successor: “[Sergei] Shoigu will not go, I think. [Dmitry] Medvedev have already shown themselves”. The name of the opposition leader Alexei Navalny, this interviewee also mentions, but admits that it well knows — “if I Knew, maybe it would be easier for me to decide”.

According to Hisamutdinova, if Putin will continue to remain in the presidential chair, “all will be as a long time”. “He’s four time sitting, and all extends extends Yes. People will hate it! Why is it six years of time made? Well, you do as [Nursultan] Nazarbayev in Kazakhstan at least. That’s all gone, but still glances over the country,” suggested the watchman butkinskaya school.

Brother of Yeltsin — against the amendments

The only resident of this phone booth door to protest against the amendments to the Yeltsin Constitution, was a cousin of Boris Yeltsin, 80-year-old Stanislav Glebov. To the actions of his cousin as President of the country Glebov is quite critical. However, on the question of the revision of the main law of the country he is strictly negative, and gave on this occasion a small interview for

«Больницы закрывают, школы сокращают, а по телевизору говорят — все хорошо»Cousin of Boris Yeltsin, Stanislav Romanov Globularity /

— Did you participate in voting?

— No, but the polling station was, and made it such a kontragitatsiyu them that kicked me out.

— Now we hear diametrically opposed opinions. Someone thinks that Yeltsin’s Constitution does not meet today’s challenges and we should fix it. Someone refers to this is extremely negative, stressing that all of this just to reset the timing of Putin. What do you think about this?

— In my opinion — the authority is false and all lies. Has now made the election, and in fact it is a plebiscite, that is designed for the plebeians. There is a lot of tricks. Some did not want to vote, but running all these days, starting with 25-th, for and go and go and go. People do not want to vote, and putting pressure on him. Yesterday one woman came. She didn’t want to vote, but it still came to the house, and she turned. Kind of like she has a moral duty arose, she put “Yes” on the ballot. Such a great deal. Radio all over the phone booth shouting: “Come to the polls, we really need it.” Well, you need it, and we do not need it! And, frankly, I think that, in General, the days are numbered of this power.

— How is it?

I’m not! I think Putin’s days are numbered. Though the entire village his words loves.

— I think it is actually a support.

— As said [Nikolai] Nekrasov: “People servile title — mere dogs sometimes heavier punishment, but they mile the Lord.”

— Why?

— For the TV! TV now is an agitator in each house. It is an indispensable attribute of the day. On our street there is no TV-just me. We about twenty years ago threw.

— But there is Internet, people can draw information out there.

— The Internet is the polling information. If you have a head on your shoulders, so you will find there an intelligent man. And if not, then you will not find. For example, I use the Internet and meet periodically very strong argument there against the current government.

— The Communist party, for instance, officially opposed the amendments…

— I know very well what our Communists. Himself for a long time consisted in their ranks. Now [Valeria] Rashkin listening hard he plays. But [Gennady] Zyuganov, who receives awards from Putin, [Vladimir] Zhirinovsky and other parliamentary opposition is not the opposition. What to say if a Communist Zyuganov — a man of deep faith. He though his philosophical diplomas then threw in! After all, philosophy and theology does not overlap. There is no opposition in Russia, that even the politicians all recognize.

— Another quarter of a century ago, as it seems, things were completely different. And now people even were afraid to Express their opinion, if it’s promoted by the power positions.

— Because everything is subject to change. I notice that anti-Putin sentiment earlier in 2012, was much tougher. Very strongly opposed him. I even thought that toppled him. But with time everything went down.

— Reconciled?

— In principle almost all prefer to accept.

«Больницы закрывают, школы сокращают, а по телевизору говорят — все хорошо»House Yeltsin in Butteroil Novels /

— Butka is perceived as the birthplace of Boris Yeltsin. Why so few of his countrymen against the Constitution, which was created with the participation of Boris Nikolayevich?

Just Putin by promoting condone. They say, well, look what we have an army now! No one, however, is not interested in what we actually army. And what it can be, if the whole microelectronics industry is China? But television tries. Although the Russian economy did not match with the Soviet Union.

— That is, Yeltsin’s legacy is not supported due to the fact that no one advocates?

— People at us in the thickets of policy does not climb. Many do not even realize what you just said. Say: I am a patriot! What is a patriot — I can not formulate. Say that now life is better. And what is better? Silence! Yeltsin had suffered just. Money is not paid, the TV showed him half drunk dancing, and people still remember it. On the other, [that happened then], do not think just.

— You said that Putin’s days are numbered — what does that mean? For now, he could govern for two terms, that is, until 2036?

— He will not stay. There is an objective measure is the economy. And yet there are one indicator that is simply screaming to us: Russia is dying! Our population is shrinking. But we are so deaf that they can not neither hear nor see.

You can, of course, to have some hope that Russia will rise up. But I will say more. Russia always was the country of a despotic, backward and downtrodden. People were born normal, but what is man depends on education. And education was such that man has always been oppressed and humiliated here. Somehow the writer [Svetlana] Zamilova, Communist, by the way, I advocated that the eagle monument to Ivan the terrible put. Can you imagine?! She then wrote a letter and gave an example. In Russia in the XVI century was Ivan the terrible and downtrodden population, and in England at the same time has inspired the great William Shakespeare! That makes all the difference. Peter I cut a window to Europe. Clumsy chopping, but it’s still for Russia was good. But did not Peter, and again everything went still rails. Catherine II, a hypocrite, corresponded with Voltaire and crushed the Pugachev. Everything in Russia always came back to normal.

Sounds pretty pessimistic.

— And now we all blame Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Putin or anyone else but themselves. Enough! Throw blame on others. Blame yourself, blame environment! It environment must be reversed.

Ivan Glebov this and trying to do at the phone booth. But it seems that not many listen now to the opinion of this old man.

«Больницы закрывают, школы сокращают, а по телевизору говорят — все хорошо»The memorial to the victims of the great Patriotic opposite PEC. Apparently, on the eve of here said vyhodnoceni Novels /

The biggest news in the village of Butka, 1 July was the news about the seller of local shop Lyubava named Tatiana, who refused to take part in the vote. “I came today to the rural Council. They said, well, you child care benefit received, so why refuse to vote? And she told them that they vote more it all received, and do not go”, — said Elena Efimovna, the wife of Stanislav Glebov.

We are talking about the new “Putin” paid 10 thousand rubles to families with children up to 16 years, which began to arrive on the account of Russians in the morning of 1 July. However, such a principle, as a seller, Tatiana, was not so much. Polling stations in Talitsky district, including No. 942 at the phone booth, closed, as expected, at 20:00. By midnight appeared first preliminary voting figures. In Talitsky urban district for editing the Yeltsin Constitution of the Russian Federation voted 74,16% of the voters, 24,95% voted against.


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