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Hospital photo from the set of “Wild”

This is the movie about the girl in the attic, which we recently told. Shooting “Wild” took place in 2015, but the attention Zone Horror picture attracted only recently, shortly before the release. So here I am trying to understand what this beast does.


It’s a dark tale of a 16-year-old Anna, are locked up in the attic. The man who calls himself her daddy, all the time terrified her with stories about a terrible monster named Wild. But is freed Anna to know that this is false, as is starting to happen, spooky event.

The role of Anna went to Bel Pauli (“the Diary of a teenage girl”), and her Daddy will play himself brad Dourif (“Alien 4”). In addition, the caste involved beauty Liv Tyler (Super), and judging by the photos below, her character in the film — a COP, Maybe she was involved in rescuing girls from house confinement, or investigating the circumstances of her case, and maybe, just guarding the victim in the hospital. But will she be able to protect Anna from the Wild?

In March, the debut film of Friedrich Boema will show at the SXSW festival, and then 13 April 2018 it will be premiere in us cinemas and VOD platforms.

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