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Horror movie posters “Alien: Testament”

Premiere of “Alien: Covenant” very close, he’s breathing in my ear slavering mouth. Well, we covered with goosebumps from the anticipation, order yourself a domestic Fassbender and of course, enjoy the flow of great promotional materials for the film.

The next wave brought us a couple of fresh posters, and unlike the latter, which mysteriously smiled Xenomorph here do not understand that we are talking about the good old “Alien”. The designers obviously decided to surprise us and released the posters, reminiscent of the typical horror films than the iconic space franchise started by Ridley Scott in 1979.

The corporate slogan “Hide” added another: “Scream”. Still in Paradise no one can hear you scream.

Recall that the main role in “Alien: Covenant” sang Katherine Waterston, Michael Fassbender, Billy Crudup and Danny McBride. Worked over the script John Logan and Dante Harper. Well, and the Director — you know who.

The crew of the ship “the Covenant”, being on the far outskirts of the galaxy, find a planet that at first seems to them a Paradise, but actually turns out to be a dark and dangerous world, the only inhabitant of which is the Android David.

The Russian premiere of the film will take place on 18 may 2017.

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