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Horror fiction: What book (novel, story, story) could cause you to have tremors?

We’re in the Zone of Horror, as you know, are very sensitive to genre literature because they not only read, but also write horror. For example, I recently published a book. And not only did I make here are a kind of tops the most terrible stories, but also true of anthologies that are published by major publishers and all that.

Therefore, the subject is frightening literary works we will be back. And today I want to ask you, do you read horror books. And if you read, then could there ever be a book (or individual work) to scare you? The concept of the matter, we are not talking about some kind of panic, but here’s the subtle sense of “sweet” fear, Howard Phillips Lovecraft wrote – do it for you? We invite you to participate in a short survey, but most importantly, we, of course, interesting details, details. If you have something in the literature scared that it was the work (or, perhaps, a separate stage in it), as it was called, do you remember the name of the author?

For example, I was at the time great scare scene with a dead woman in the hotel room from the Shining by Stephen king, and some of the stories from “the worst books” (this is just the anthology series, which we do) produced a pleasantly depressing. Well, what in this sense can you boast of?

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