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Horror collection the literary battle of the generations has got a trailer

In the near future the publishing house “Eksmo” will be a curious book: a collection of the best short stories and novels of horror battle “Champions of fear”, which was held at the site of webzine DARKER last summer. In this contest met the stars of the domestic dark prose of different generations – the command “old school” gathered Victor Chochinov, but against “oldskulschikov” came representatives of the new “dark wave” led by Parfenov M. S. (among other things – the editor Zone Horror). Battle ended in a crushing victory of “dark wave”, and now the confrontation moves to another level.

The battle was carried out in half – – the texts were removed immediately after the duel. But now the works of the participants can evaluate each – only have to wait for books in stores. Or rather, two books, because we are waiting for a big Tom-shifter called “the Brink of madness. Beyond insanity”.


The brink of madness

  • Victor Tochinov. Dark battle: the battle of the generations (Foreword)
  • Yuri Burnosov. Roam where only wild beasts
  • Sviatoslav Loginov. Vidertse tract
  • Victor Tochinov. A butcher’s dog
  • Maxim Makarenkov. Canary
  • Alexander Zolotko. The name is not important
  • Basil Shapenew. Open day
  • Alexander Matyukhin. Nonsense
  • Oleg Divov. Red dog IZH

Beyond insanity

  • Michael Parfenov. From the dark past to the dark future (Foreword)
  • Dmitry Tikhonov. Forks on the water
  • Vladimir Kuznetsov. Sabatham
  • Elena Schetinina. Pharaoh’s offspring
  • Maxim Kabir. Communion
  • Mikhail Pavlov. The biggest circus freaks
  • Igor Chrome. Vasilisa
  • Boris Lewandowski. Another life

The book is expected to illustrate Igor Averchenko. When it goes on sale, we will inform you, in the meantime, it is possible to estimate the trailer for the authorship of Eugene Creech. It looks good, although some of the signatures are surprising. For example, mention our website, although no relation to the battles he had (in contrast to the “Darker”, where all the action and passed).

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