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“Honorary surgeon”: laughing over the “great” Putin

"Заслуженный хирург": в сети хохочут над "великим" ПутинымUkrainians harshly ridiculed Russian President.

Someday historians will puzzle why Vladimir Putin tried to seize the country where the post of “President of the huckster, the Prime nerd” in a matter of minutes gain thousands of likes.

But an attempt to write “But all the same Poroshenko on some things right” – is immediately accused of heresy, of parkomesta.

Whether it is Russia, where it is said Volodin three years ago, “There is Putin is Russia, not Putin — not Russia”, if and causes mild irony of residues nepokupnoy Surkov intellectuals, now is certainly perceived as an axiom requiring no proof.

Prominent representatives of Russian culture, gangbusters swept itself through the Soviet era, today show incredible examples of praise in the address of the main values of modern Russia. One of the best Sherlock Holmes in the history of world cinema – actor Vasily Livanov, even without the help of the deductive method, effortlessly managed to surpass their experienced colleagues in the difficult task of Putyaikina.

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Livanov at the state award ceremony recalled the statement by Putin that the Russian President, even as it ponders whether he should go for a new term in 2018, and advised him the following:

“You know what, Vladimir Vladimirovich, if you ever carefully look up to the sky, you will hear a voice “don’t move!”. And this is the voice of our great Motherland – Russia”, – concluded the speaker.

It seems elementary, but so gently to put in a number of Putin, Russia and God could only Livanov.

This evening the surgeon Renat Akchurin called Putin a “honorary surgeon”, Maslyakov thanked “for supporting drink” atomic for the atoms, the banker for the ruble, a lawyer for the laws, but agree that after Livanov all looked like sweet halva, butter oil or “Putin the genius of judo”. Even terrible for the Russian masters of flattery, where they still lick?..

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However, evil tongues say that in 2017 as it was in 1917, 1953 and 1991, the years, it may be the usual case, when “he was our father — not the father, bitch.” I wonder whether and then find Putin more vivid, but alternative metaphors of Russian masters of culture?

Vladimir Putin, you are a great scholar,

Renat Akchurin see you surgeon

“The surgeon”, who dressed in a cap,

He learned the Russian demiurge.

Lebanon asks “don’t Even think”,

Bent after all, without you,Russia

The banker said that you are more valuable than money

And pop know that you are the Messiah.

Comrades Gaddafi Ceausescu,

When could you, Mr Putin, calling,

God said you that you got to play,

And what wonders in the final will not pass!

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