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Hongqi established manufacturing model E-HS3

Hongqi наладил производство модели E-HS3 The price of cars in China starts from 38 thousand dollars.

Two years ago, the FAW group has started to transform the item brand Hongqi (“Red flag”), which was initially produced limousines for the ruling elite, into a full-fledged premium brand for affluent Chinese public.

In the range has a new model and a separate item on the development of the brand was electric. The first was the crossover Hongqi E-HS3: it was first shown last spring, and now the company officially launched the production.

E-HS3 not elektroversiya existing machine, but an independent model. And it is the most compact car in the history of the brand Hongqi: length (4490 mm), width (1874 mm) and height (1613 mm) the Troika is virtually identical to the Volkswagen Tiguan, although the wheelbase is significantly longer (2750 mm vs 2677 German cars). Electric vehicle painted in the same style with a new petrol models Hongqi. There are both imitation brand of the grille, and the red scallops on the hood, which was still the old chlenovoz.

The crossover is typical for modern electric vehicle configuration, with the battery under the cabin floor. Independent rear suspension, but the motor is mounted only on the front axle and not amazing specs: 155 HP and 340 Nm. Maximum speed – 160 km/h. Lithium-ion traction battery too modest: capacity 54 kW∙h should be sufficient for 390 kilometers on the NEDC cycle, that is, in reality, will be not more than 250 km.

In the beauty of simple design, leather upholstery, electric front seats and three screens (one for equipment and two for system). Also, the equipment provides climate control and a glass roof. And soon the promised one and the autopilot: the prototypes built in conjunction with the company Baidu in the framework of the project Apollo, went to trial in the fall.

The starting price of the Hongqi electrocreaser E-HS3 in China – 38 thousand dollars, although subject to the state subsidies it will be below. And in the future electric gamma needs to develop an enviable pace. Already in 2020, the company promises to provide the electric vehicle can travel without recharging 600 km, and by 2025 to bring to market a 15 “trains”.

Hongqi наладил производство модели E-HS3
Hongqi наладил производство модели E-HS3

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