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“Honey, talk to me”: funny jokes about unpredictable women

"Милый, поговори со мной": веселые анекдоты о непредсказуемых женщинахFunny jokes will keep you amused.

Women are beautiful and unpredictable.

They inspire men to great deeds and manifestation of the most noble feelings. And each of them knows their value and did not question their own uniqueness.

Published jokes about the most charming and attractive, who doesn’t like it.

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The woman explains in the garage, what’s wrong with her car. The mechanic listens carefully and announces “the verdict”:
Well, “puff—puff” is not scary. But the “Tr—ratatatata” will cost you a pretty penny.

Wanted to wipe the girl tears… accidentally erased her eyebrows.

— “Women’s logic,” the men think.
— “All men are bastards” — I think women.

— Girl, how late do you work?
— Five to fifty.

“Honey,” drawn by one virtuoso violinist to his bride, tonight I will play just for you!
— Oh, no! — vividly protested the girl. — If the room with no one else, why I was sewing a new dress?

— I’m a good girl, Yash — before the wedding, I don’t make it…

The saleswoman Natasha felt forever young, because in her 70 for her still asked: “Girl, can we please have Winston blue!”

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