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“Honey, take the trash out”: funny jokes about the virtues of family life

"Дорогой, вынеси мусор": смешные приколы о прелестях семейной жизниFunny jokes about the realities of family life you just cheer.

About funny dialogues husbands and wives could write more than one book, because spouses sometimes find themselves wittier professional comedians.

Today we have selected for you a fresh batch of Internet revelations about family life.

— Honey, I’m in the store. You take something delicious?
— Of course, dear. Just be careful — the roads are slippery. Don’t break anything!

Wife for the first time fills out a questionnaire for work, asked her husband:
— Place of birth write?
From the sofa the lazy voice of her husband, sipping a beer:
— Better paint!

A man comes home at 2am, drunk. The wife meets him with anger:
— Go back where you came from!
The husband pulls out a phone, dials a number and says into the phone:
— Well, all right, Kolya. I called in sick!

— I since the wedding had not talked with his wife.
— I don’t want to interrupt her.

The court hears the divorce case. The judge asks the wife why she married this man?
— Why I married it? Thought, if a man every day drinking, so he earns well.

— Honey, I hope you’ll always be around me.
— Yes, dear.
— No, really?
— Yes, dear.
— You’re lying, I suppose?
— Yes, dear.

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